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NATO Summit: What new weapons have been promised to Ukraine?

When NATO leaders met in Madrid this week, Ukraine demanded new heavy weapons to defeat Russia's invasion. This shows what Ukraine needs and what other countries have promised and provided.

Ukraine's request

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses NATO leaders on Wednesday with a video link, urgently more advanced weapons Said it was necessary.

"By providing us, you can completely break the Russian tactic of destroying the city and terrorizing Ukrainian citizens," he said. rice field.

Ukraine said it needed to increase its weapons supply by a factor of 10 to counter Russia's huge cannons.

NATO does not supply Ukraine with heavy weapons, explained Jim Townsend, a former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO policy.

"It's not NATO itself as an institution that provides things. It doesn't have them, but its allies do," Townsend told VOA. "Therefore, NATO has been very supportive of its allies, if possible. From a timing perspective, absorption and training rates must also be met."

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addresses leaders via a video screen during a roundtable meeting at a NATO summit in Madrid, Spain, June 29, 2022.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses leaders via a video screen during a roundtable meeting At the NATO Summit in Madrid, Spain, June 29, 2022. A new package of military support was heading to Ukraine.

"Again, the United States is leading," Biden told reporters Thursday in Madrid. "Since I took office, I have provided Ukraine with nearly $ 7 billion in security assistance. In the coming days, 800 million including a new advanced western air defense system for Ukraine, more cannons and ammunition, and counters. We plan to announce more than $ .-- Battery radar, additional ammunition for the HIMARS [High Mobility Artillery Rocket System], a multi-launch rocket system already available to Ukraine, and HIMARS from other countries. "


The United States and the United Kingdom supply Ukraine with several multi-armed rocket systems (MLRS). In the UK this week, more than 450 Ukrainian troops have completed training on these systems. These systems are considered extremely important in combating Russian artillery.

British Army Captain James Oliphant, who oversees the training program, said the system would provide new capabilities to the Ukrainian army.

"It's another element of their own balance. It's a multiplier of force. Because it's a truck vehicle, their rocket system is driven. It gives them more maneuverability. , Helping them survive. It's an ammunition that can fire up to 84 kilometers. "

The United States supplies other heavy weapons, including self-propelled howitzers, armored vehicles, drones, air defense and missile systems.


The UK promised additional $ 1.3 billion in military aid to Ukraine at the summit, for a total of $ 2.8 billion. This is second only to the United States. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it is important for other Western partners to step up to support Ukraine.

"If Ukraine is crushed or driven into bad peace, I think the impact on freedom around the world will be horrifying, and that view is shared by everyone at NATO. "Johnson said.


France has announced plans to send an additional self-propelled Caesar long-range gun system. Ukraine is reported to have deployed these on the Black Sea coast near Snake Island, which was abandoned on Thursday after Russian troops repeatedly attacked Ukraine.

"There are currently 12 Caesar cannons, 6 will be added, but it is one of the most highly valued equipment of the Ukrainian Army, and these are also one of the most reliable equipment. Their range and efficiency. " French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters at a summit meeting Thursday.

Germany, Poland, Slovakia

Germany promised to deliver 15 anti-aircraft tanks in July after repeated delays, Spain is considering sending about 40 German leopards. Tanks — Berlin will have the final say.

Poland has said it has already supplied Ukraine with $ 1.7 billion worth of weapons and military equipment, including Soviet-era T-72 tanks, self-propelled artillery, and surface-to-air missiles. Slovakia donated the S-300 air defense system to Ukraine in April.

FILE - NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg addresses the troops as part of a military exercise called "Cold Response 2022," gathering around 30,000 troops from NATO member countries plus Finland and Sweden, amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, at a base in Bardufoss in the Arctic Circle, Norway, March 25, 2022.
File-NATO Secretary-General Jensstrutenberg March 2022 On the 25th, a military exercise called "Cold Response 2022" gathers about 30,000 troops from Finland and Sweden in addition to NATO member countries while Russia invades Ukraine at the base of Bardufoss in the Arctic region of Norway.


NATO has long-term military aid for Ukraine at the Madrid Summit while not supplying heavy weapons. I agreed to the package.

"This includes security communications, fuels, medicines, bulletproof vests, equipment to combat land mines and chemical and biological threats, and hundreds of portable anti-drone systems," NATO said. Secretary-General Jensstratemberg said Wednesday in Madrid.

"It is also very clear that allies are preparing for long distances ... they [Ukrainians] are fighting for their independence, but they are also important to NATO and NATO. We are fighting for the values ​​that are the basis of — the sovereignty of all nations, territorial integrity. Therefore, this is important for our security, "Stortemberg said.

Not enough.

However, when the war entered its fifth month, Fabrice, a former NATO policy planner, said the West had not yet supplied the number of heavy weapons Ukraine needed. Pothier said.

"There are political calculations, but I need to give a little more, but for some reason, there aren't enough to feed and trigger escalations that go out of control. In a sense, I understand the logic. But I think it's terribly wrong because it basically means asking Zelensky to fight behind with one hand, "Potier told VOA.