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NATO summit tests Biden's determination to defeat Putin and put pressure on Erdogan

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The appearance of President Biden at the NATO summit in Madrid on Tuesday is the most serious of his administration's efforts to repair the collapsed military alliance and retreat Russia's invasion of Ukraine. It shows a great trial. 

The US Government is the world's most powerful military organization, with 30 membersNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization

Marshall Billing Three's lead partner It is widely seen as. Former NATO Assistant Secretary-General told Fox News Digital: "This NATO summit is an important test for Biden's leadership. First and most importantly, he paves the way for Finnish and Swedish membership by mediating transactions with Turkey. Second, he must have countries deliver important additional heavy firearms to Ukraine, especially Germany, which pays only lip service for military aid. "

BIDEN attendance G7, NATO summit'The most serious security situation in decades'

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg speaks during a media conference prior to a NATO summit in Brussels, Monday, June 27, 2022. NATO heads of state will meet for a NATO summit in Madrid beginning on Tuesday, June 28.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltemberg will speak at a media conference prior to the NATO Summit in Ukraine on Monday, June 27, 2022. The NATO summit will be held in Madrid from Tuesday, June 28th.(AP Photo / Oliver Matthys)

Billingslea, At the Hudson Institute, Senior Secretary, continued: "Third, He needs to move the alliance from its responsive attitude to one with the power to have a permanent base in the Baltic states. Whether he can achieve any of these is an open question. The final question that needs to help him answer NATO's respondents is how strict the new strategic concept is with respect to communist China. "

A major country on the European continent. Germany and France face criticism that they have been slow to respond to Russia's invasion and were unable to quickly send and support large numbers of heavy firearmsTurkish troopsTo make things even more complicated. , NATO member Turkey has refused sanctions on Russia, preventing Finland and Sweden from securing accession to the Western Alliance.

"Many different actors are watching Biden's foreign policy agenda for signs of weakness," said a Fellow of the Jamestown Foundation in Washington, Russia and the Middle East affairs . Theodore Karashik told Fox News Digital. .. 

Turkish Islamist leaders who use NATO to free and punish US allies

"Russia A continent still unleashed in Ukraine and elsewhere. Testing is currently about NATO's security architecture over the next 20 years. The pace and extent of NATO's weapons growth as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine is Eurasia. It will be the key to what happens next, "said Karashik.

President Biden goes to the NATO summit in Madrid faced with several pressing issues, first and foremost being Russia's brutal invasion of Ukraine.

President Biden is the NATO summit in Madrid Attend the meeting. Some pressing issues, first and foremost, Russia's brutal invasion of Ukraine. (Olivier Hoslet, pool via AP)

Finland and Swedenare vulnerable to Russian aggression and Moscow. Biden's stakes are gaining momentum in an effort to conquer more Ukrainian territory, which is very high. 

Karasik added: You need a leader [Biden and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan]. While understanding Turkey's dissatisfaction from Ankara's point of view, Moscow's actions on Donbus and its impact on the world's food and grain supply ensure greater public unity as to exactly what Ankara wants. increase. This bread basket. Russia will continue to be sharpened, especially if these disagreements continue after the NATO summit. "

British military support to increase NATO's rapid responsiveness

Prior to the June 28-30 Madrid summit,NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenbergreveals that alliance members see Russia as "the most serious and direct threat to our security." He said he was expecting. As part of the response to the "era of strategic competition," an army of about eight to 300,000 people. 

NATO's rapid response force currently counts approximately 40,000 soldiers who can be quickly deployed when needed. 

The expansion is part of "the greatest review of collective defense and deterrence since the Cold War," Stoltenberg said.

"These troops will work with their own defense forces," he said. "And they are familiar with the local terrain, facilities, and our new pre-arranged inventory, so we can respond smoothly and quickly to any emergency."

Tortenberg agrees that allies will provide Ukraine with further military assistance, and NATO members will adopt an "enhanced comprehensive assistance package" that includes the provision of secure communications and anti-drone systems. Said.

NATO is asking Germany for plans to strengthen its defenses in the eastern Franks of Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres during their meeting in the Kremlin, in Moscow, Russia, Tuesday, April 26, 2022.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting in the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia , Talks with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Tuesday, April 26, 2022.(Vladimir Astapkovich, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)

Former US Secretary-General Mike PompeoMonday Fox { A friend of 167} said he needed to "end the war in Ukraine."

Russian President Vladimir Putin said, "Yesterday, by launching a missile at Kyiv in western Ukraine, very much about his respect for Biden and our team. I sent a clear message, "Pompeo said.

The United States needs to provide Ukraine with "targeting capabilities, intelligence, and unmanned aerial vehicle systems," a former Trump administration diplomat said. 

"The farther we go, the longer this lasts, and the more lives of the Ukrainian lost, the worse our lives here in America. We can see the effects of this war in Europe and the instability there, " Pompeo said. The dangers posed by the Chinese Communist Party will also be discussed at the NATO summit.

John Kirby, Strategic Communications Coordinator of the US National Security Council, recently said, "This is an equal concern of allies over the effects of China's economic practices, the use of forced labor and intellectual theft. And force aggressive action not only in this region but anywhere in the world. They believe it is important to incorporate China into a new strategic concept.

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 Senior Policy Director Amanda Rothschild Vandenberg coalition and President Trump's former national security speech writer told Fox News Digital. "Advocating for NATO's defense capabilities and sharing of burdens does not undermine the NATO alliance. Addresses various current national security threats to NATO's allies, including Russia. He urged urgent improvements in military strength and readiness to do so. "

She added: At least 2% of defense GDP has more than doubled, and NATO allies have promised to increase defense spending by $ 400 billion by 2024. These promises are necessary, but not enough steps. Third eNATO Convention.

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