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Navy reserves arrested for attacking Parliament at Proud Boys

This week, an anti-Semitic Navy reserve with a high level of security clearance was arrested on suspicion of his participation.{9 According to federal court filings, with members of the Proud Boys in the Capitol riot.

Hatchet Speed, a petty officer in the US Navy Reserve, was arrested Wednesday for misdemeanor related to the January 6 parliamentary riots.

Speed ​​has not been charged with violence, but US prosecutors are concerned about his ideology. He is a threat to the masses.

According to federal court filings opened Thursday, Speed ​​expressed a desire to "clean up" the Jewish race. Presented a theory of how to do it. He also praised Eric Rudolph and Ted Kaczynski for "Unabomber" in the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park Bombing.

Federal prosecutors have demanded that speed be released to house arrest using location surveillance. However, they do not have access to firearms because they want him to be detained outside of permanent residence.

Speed's arrest stems from a conversation he had with an undercover investigator. Speed ​​told agents that it was "always a plan" for him and his friends, members of the far-right militant group, to go to the Capitol on January 6.

He said, "We will listen to Donald Trump, then we will all go to the Capitol." "Now, the reason we go to the Capitol was to protest what's happening in the Capitol ... what they're doing was counting ballots."

Speed ​​and his friends didn't initially intend to enter the Capitol, but after Vice President Mike Pence began the certification process, they felt betrayed and entered with hundreds of people and Speed. Told the agent.

While in the Capitol, they left after hearing rumors that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would delay certification. Speed ​​told the agent that he was disappointed that the delay turned out to be wrong and wanted more people to appear.

"We should have come to the point where Nancy Pelosi should have resigned because of her fear of life. That should have happened," Speed ​​said in court filings. ..

When he was arrested, Speed ​​was assigned to the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) naval space field activity, which is part of the US intelligence agency.

An NRO spokesman said speed was not assigned to NRO-related facilities at the time of the riot. Speed ​​has been assigned to the NRO-affiliated Navy Reserve since March 2022 and has no access to NRO's facilities and systems.

However, Speed ​​has a long career in the US Navy Reserve. According to his service records, Speed ​​joined the Reserve Army in 2002 and was on duty at the Navy Information Investigation Systems Command and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

"I wanted to join the army, shoot guns and kill people. It's natural," Speed ​​told undercover agents.

Speed ​​is the ninth of the militaryarrested in connection with January 6, according to military service records, court documents, and CBS News analysis of lawyers. I am a current member. statement. In addition, more than 75 veterans were arrested in connection with the riots.

When contacted by CBS News, Speed's lawyer did not comment on the arrest or allegations.

Eleanor Watson

CBS News Reporter reporting on the Department of Defense.

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