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The Navy has found that Hawaii's water crisis is exacerbated by "failures in on-site leadership."

Lack of on-site leadership of naval officials for several days after a leak in a fuel storage facilityled to pollution of thousands ofdrinking waterof Hawaiian residents last year, and of's newly announced survey. A pair was found. 

The response was "unacceptably below the Navy's standards for leadership, ownership, and protection in our community," said Admiral William Lesser, Chief of Naval Operations. Written in approval. 

The Red Hill Underground Storage Facility on Oahu leaked approximately 20,000 gallons of jet fuel in November 2021. The leak affected the drinking water of more than 90,000 inhabitants and forced thousands of families to evacuate. Their home is a few weeks on vacation

Investigations initially revealed that human error was the cause of the leak, but leaders have the potential to drink. He also concluded that he also showed a lack of knowledge about the impact. Water and how to deal with it.

"No one was in charge of the scene," the survey said.  

The investigation did not reveal which officials were rebuked, but Admiral Samuel Paparo, commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, told reporters Thursday that "many people" were no longer. He said he was not in the assigned position. Accountability after another investigation by the commander of the US Fleet Command. 

The water pollution crisis began in May 2021 when operators improperly transferred fuel to a facility that leaked thousands of gallons of fuel. Fuel was not considered in the fire extinguishing line until the driver collided with the fire extinguishing line in the passenger train cart on November 20, 2021 and released the fuel. 

Navy officials initially thought the incident would not affect drinking water, but did not realize that there were multiple routes to the well. The Navy Region Hawaii secured the Red Hill waterway on November 28, 2021 when the Navy began receiving reports of fuel-like odors in the waters of its inhabitants.  

On Thursday, field leaders in November said it was late to tell that the leak contained fuel, not water, and said the extent of the spill was " He showed an "overly optimistic" rating. 

Of the approximately 20,000 gallons of fuel released, approximately 4,772 gallons remain untreated. According to Papalo, some of the released fuel can contaminate the Red Hill wells, then be washed away from the water system and trapped in the soil, rocks and water beneath the tunnel. 

The Pentagon announced in March 2022 that the Red Hill Fuel Storage Facility would be permanently refueled and closed. This process is currently planned to be completed by the end of 2024. 

Eleanor Watson

Pentagon coverage CBS News Reporter.

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