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Nearly 500 people got sick from the recalled daily harvest lentil diet

Daily Harvest received reports of 470 illnesses, including gastrointestinal problems and possible liver damage. , Recalling the crumbling dishes of lentils and green onions. A vegan food service disclosed in a notice posted Thursday by the Food and Drug Administration.

Approximately 28,000 units of recalled products have been shipped to customers across the United States through online sales and direct delivery, as well as through the Daily Harvest Store in Chicago, Illinois and the "Pop-up" store in Los Angeles. From April 28th to June 17th, Los Angeles, CA, the companysaid. According to Daily Harvest, the samples were also provided to a "small number of consumers", urging customers to check and dispose of the recalled product's freezer. 

After an online influencer sent a product as part of a daily harvest public relations campaign, additional reports of sick people appeared on TikTok. In avideoposted on TikTok, creative director Abigail Silberman explained that he was hospitalized with severe gastrointestinal pain the day after eating the crumble. 

A frozen product of French lentils and green onions crumble packed in a 12 ounce white pouch with "Daily Harvest" written on top. I am. Below that, the big "CRUMBLES" and the bold "French Lentil + Leek" words have affected all our products.

Recalled product.US Food and Drug Administration

Daily Harvest also complains to social media after customers eat the company's French lentil and green onion crumbles After that, I issued a recall. Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter users have reported symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and liver damage after eating food. One Reddit user wrote that his spouse experienced "extreme malaise, dark urine, low-grade fever, and generalized itching without a rash."

Daily Harvest advised people to dispose of their products in a previous notice posted on the website. She also said she contacted the customer who bought it.

"We have received reports from customers that the collapse of French lentils and green onions is causing gastrointestinal problems," said the company . .. “In the entire supply chain, we started investigations by internal and external experts at the same time, following regulatory procedures.”

The company's approach to announcing recalls beyond illness complaints is unpleasant. Some people felt it.

After Daily Harvest posted a promotional shot of the recalled dish to 600,000 Instagram followers, a backlash occurred on social media, "Important message about French lentil + green onion crumble. Details. "" 

One observertweeted

Another commenter provided and tweeted a company post as a case study of how to avoid this situation. Definitely not the atmosphere.

Social Media Managers and PR Officers Around the World-Vague "links" if your company's products cause serious and life-threatening illnesses. "Post a beautiful looking photo to promote your product in bio" is definitely not the atmosphere. #dailyharvest #readtheroom

— Megg (@ Adkid_007)June 21, 2022

Founded in 2015, Daily Harvest is a food subscription company that ships frozen organic ready-made foods to specific zip codes across the country. The company's celebrity investors include Serena Williams and Gwyneth Paltrow.

French lentil and green onion crumble was introduced in April as a food for cooking and adding to other dishes and products.According to the company.

Daily Harvest did not respond to requests for further comment, nor did the US Food and Drug Administration respond.

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