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Ned Lun: You expect stupid people to say stupid things, and the AOC "never disappoints"

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American majority founder Ned Lun discusses D-NY, Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, "Jessie WattersPrimetime."

NED RYUN:First of all, you expect stupid people to say stupid things, andcomrade Cortez never disappoints Sense. So this sounds like pure hell. In short, she is a poor single woman who lives on three times the average household income and drives Tesla. 

Jess Watters on the decision to cancel: This was a constitutional victory

Boys, You know, I have to confess, I'm a little shocked. As you know,Sandy Cortez is actually true to her democraticsocialist roots, especially such a wealthy county. With rigorous upbringing in the upper middle class households, she looked around. "You know, I need to redistribute my wealth to my fellow working class members."

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In fact, I'm at AOC tonight, her socialist values If she really believes in democratic socialist values, she calls on her to redistribute 90% of her wealth. 

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