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Highland Park parade shooter neighbor Robert Climo regrets turning him down

A neighbor of a shooting at Highland Park was guilty of falling in love with a murder suspect on Tuesday and refusing him. I made it clear that I was feeling a feeling.

She "I'm just thinking of him," Amy, who refused to provide her name, said of the murder suspect Robert "Bobby" Climo III.

She "did not sleep last night and hadn't eaten for two days," Amy told the post in an interview Tuesday night.

A 21-year-old she lives home with her parents two doors down from her fatherinKurimo, but she is a fast food colleague in Panela. She said she met the 21-year-old Klimo for the first time. March 2020.

Before the chain store closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the two became friends when they worked together at a restaurant for about a month.

During that short time, Amy and Klimo — were charged with one seven counts of the horroron July 4th — developed emotions for each other. She said.

Robert Crimo
Robert Climo via Reuters

"He said he liked me" Amy told the post. She added that they had never dated because her "strict" parents did not allow her to date.

Still, by working together, she and Kurimo had a lot of opportunities to chat and learn about each other's interests.

"We felt like the same person," she said. "We liked music similar to anime [and]."

Police scene
Highland Park parade shooting
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Amy is an avid rapper, Kurimo, interested in guns and other weapons.said he did not know he did not know about past suicide attempts.

"He never told me about his social media, his mother, his political views, his possession of a gun, his attempted suicide," she said. .. "I didn't know about it. In retrospect, I think he wanted to keep it away from me."

Amy, however, Climo opens a deli with his father. I talked about his dream. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, his father owned and operated Bob's Pantry&Deli at Highland Park from 2013 to 2018.

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Reportedly, Klimo wants to continue working in Panela with Amy. Said to postpone.

She told him not to sacrifice his dreams.

"I didn't want to get in his way," she said. "So I thought he would do it if I stopped talking to him."

She doesn't offend him by breaking his relationship with him. I was worried. Eventually, he stopped waving her hand to greet her when they passed each other in her neighborhood.

Bob Crimo

"Every day I see him passing by and he greets me Didn't or say goodbye, "Amy said. "I feel like I hurt him. I could have been like a piece of glass that stabbed him, I feel like it might have hurt him. So I Feels guilty about what happened. "

She believes that something must have broken him out and shot and killed innocent people. — As a result, 7 people died.

"He was like the last person I doubt," Amy said. "Obviously something seems to have driven him to this."

Kurimo was charged on Tuesday with seven charges of one murder on charges of massacre in the parade. rice field. If convicted, he faces life imprisonment.