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Netflix boss ran into tough questions about the company's future at Cannes Lions

Netflix boss Ted Salands has answered many questions about the end of the company's stock price, how to stop bleeding, and whydefend Dave Chappelle's comedy specials. rice field. 4} And Ricky Gervais put him at the center of the culture war.

Netflix was once a streaming darling and Hollywood envy, but in the first quarter of 2022lost nearly 200,000 subscribers, And in April we had a big surge in speed. 

"Let's start with the bad news: your stock," said Kara Swisher, a tech journalist who interviewed Salandos on Thursday at the Cannes Lions main stage. "It was flying high a year ago ... things were going well. This was the moment everyone said Netflix owns the world."

Subscription decline Has reduced Netflix inventory by nearly 50% since its announcement, wondering if Wall Street is a streaming giant known for hit shows such as Stranger Things, Bridgerton, and Squid Game. There is room for growth.

Salandos, 57, who was in Cannes to win the Entertainment Person of the Year Award at the Advertising Festival, said he had experienced similar problems in the past.  

"There is a time when the market will be separated from the core business. We need to prove to the market," he said before calling Hollywood, who enjoyed Netflix's failure.

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"They considered us spoilers They are delighted to see the spoiler's journey, "he added.

The co-CEO of the world's largest streaming service explained that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated password sharing and intensified competition with streaming space.

As a result, his company cracks down on users who split their accountsand adds alow-priced ad hierarchy. This will pay an average of $ 16 a month for.

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When Swisher asked who Netflix would be, executives There is a report that it can cooperate with NBC Universal, Google, etc. that did not bite, and we are affiliated with the advertising layer. He wiped out the question by saying that was in talks with all the "biggest advertisers."

Swisher quickly moved on to more topical topics. That's a recent controversy over Salands' controversial Netflix comedy specials Chapel, 48, and Jarveys, 60. 51} Jokes in the transgender community. 

Both specials, especially Chapel, have caused anger between Netflix employees and transgender activists. Salands retained his position, but apologized to the staff.

"The reason comedy is so difficult is that we don't laugh at the same thing. We all cry for almost the same thing," Salandos defended his decision. "Sometimes I find a line by crossing it."

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Gervais' recent special on Netflixhas rekindled anger, butNetflix, in the process of dismissing staff, has doubled the support of controversial comedians. I did. 

In May, the streaming service sent a note to employees saying, "If you find it difficult to support the breadth of content, Netflix may not be the best place for you. There is. "

Salands initially wanted to be more "empathetic" to employee complaints, but the decision was "important" to audiences around the world with different hobbies and beliefs. I admitted that it was. 

"Not everyone likes everything. It doesn't make everyone happy."