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A new battle for abortion shakes the democratic battle against Johnson in Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin (CNN)President Joe Bydenwon slightly in Wisconsin nearly two years ago. Responsibility for Democrats Running There-Two of the Key Candidates Running for Their Party's US Senate Nomination Asks Whether He Should Run Again I can't say it.

However, the candidate for the Democratic Party of the Senate Wisconsin uses two key factors to overcome the unpopular president. Courtsent Wisconsin back to theban on abortionenacted before the civil war.

Regarding last week's ruling, Tom Nelson, a senior member of Senator Democratic Party Autagami County, said, "I think all the benefits that Republicans have will be gone."

The battle formed in Wisconsin symbolizes the landscape facing Democrats across the country. Leading candidates Lieutenant Mandelavers, Milwaukee Bucks executive Alex Lasley, Wisconsin Treasury Secretary Saragodrevsky, and Nelson are angry from a free foundation over high consumer prices and low approval rates for Byden. We hope to outweigh the backlash that the Democrats may face.

Wisconsin is a long-standing battlefield divided primarily into liberal outposts in the south and the entire conservative rural area, and has emerged as zero in the battle for abortion rights. By a Supreme Court ruling, the state is now following a 1849 law that bans abortion and does not provide exceptions to rape and incest. There are exceptions granted to save a woman's life, but only after the signatures of the three doctors. The criteria that activists say can be awkward, if not impossible, to meet, especially in rural areas.

Democratic Governor Tony Evers has vowed to give a plea to ensure that access to the abortion is unobstructed. But still, given Evers himself facing a tough reelection and how the new administration will handle the problem, abortion providers are uncertain whether it can be believed to be true.

"I'm frustrated that my own party isn't trying to do this in favor of this, and we've been 50 years old," Godlewski said.

In this week's interview with CNN, all of the top candidates for the Democratic Party of the Senate Wisconsin sought to project a progressive and genuine picture of abortion. Lasry, 34, said his wife is the Chief Officer of Planned Parenthood Wisconsin. Burns said his mother had to make a "difficult decision" to make an abortion before he was born.

"And if she was forced to end her term, it would have caused her all sorts of additional mental and physical health problems. I am here today. I wouldn't be there, "Burns said.

All candidates said they would eliminate obstruction to pass a bill to restore the right to abortion in Congress. No one says that the restrictions will be lifted, even in late pregnancy.

"It's not a politician's decision," Burns told CNN.

Still, the candidates are different when it comes to expanding the Supreme Court to add justice. Burns expresses openness-"It's a conversation I'm willing to have"-Razzley and Godrevsky haven't accepted it yet, and Nelson is the "only candidate" to support the idea. I am proud of.

"I think this is a good solution," Nelson said.

Second Senator Johnsonsaidupheld the court's decision to overturn Law vs. Wade and sought to divert attention elsewhere. In a local radio interview on Wednesday, he was sought for his views on the ruling and efforts of the Wisconsin Democratic Party's state authorities to prevent the state's 1849 law from coming into force. Before Johnson first said he approved a new state-by-state approach, he increased media coverage of theTexas human smuggling caseand said that dozens of people were killed "in fact much bigger." It's news. " About abortion.
"This must actually be decided by the" our people "of each state, perhaps through multiple elections. State legislators and governors will eventually pass the laws of individual states, "Johnson said inWSAU."And over time, there will probably be some national consensus."
It is unclear how the Supreme Court's decision will affect this year's parliamentary battle. is. According to a June survey by Marquette University Law School, inflation remains the number one concern for Wisconsin voters, with Byden's approval dropping to 40%, in a survey since his inauguration. It is the lowest.


But even if Democrats consider abortion to be a top issue, it's the worst since Johnson first won the Senate. We have to fight the medium-term environment. A dozen years ago.

Burns distracted when asked if he thought he should run in 2024. Senate. After deciding this race, I am very happy to have the conversation.

"The president needs to do his best for him," Godrevsky said when asked if Byden should bid for reelection.

Razzley, who worked at the Obama White House before the billionaire's father bought the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014, said he would support the bid for the re-election of Byden.

"If the president wants to run again, I think he should run again," Rasley said.

When Biden was asked about dragging down a ticket, Barnes added:

Candidates have their own responsibility that critics are in the limelight.

Like 40-year-old Godrevsky, Razzley, who has a wealth of personal wealth and most of the funding for the campaign, moved out of New York in 2014 to get a job at Bucks. I have been criticized for that.

"I don't think New York needs a third Senator," said 46-year-old Nelson.

Rasley defended his move.

"Wisconsin is my home and raises my family here," he said in an interview on Milwaukee's redevelopment site. "And what voters are more worried about is not where someone was, but what someone did, represented them, and what they did."

Burns The 35-year-old has received the support of several major liberal voices, including Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of New York, and has already been attacked by the Republicans over his support for the end of immigration and cash relief. increase. Some democratic critics are afraid he will turn off middle-aged voters.

Burns, the state's first black deputy governor and the second African-American to hold state-wide positions in Wisconsin, ridiculed his thoughts.

"My campaign is the only primary campaign for the Democratic Party of Japan, which leads independent voters. It's the only campaign that produces all sorts of enthusiasm," Burns said. "For issues like cash bailouts, those in prison before the trial should not be based on their ability to pay," he added.

Johnson's Controversy

Democratic CandidatesHydroxychlorokinCovid-19 orSpreading Anti-Vaccine During Pandemic Treat false information. Johnson raises the questionabout whether Trump's supporters are the main cause of the January 6, 2021 violence, and sends a fake electoral slate to then-Vice President Mike Pence. I was involved in the effort. The day he presided over the proof of Byden's victory.

Democratic rhetoric is sharp, Burns and Nelson ask Johnson to resign, and Lasley said: It's not what this country is, it's dangerous and cunning.

Johnson, 67, downplayed or dismissed his criticism. He defended the recent controversy by stating that it was merely a staff-level discussion and the "empty hamburger" of the story.

But on Tuesday, Johnson preached "unity" in the church, praising the belief-based urban employment program co-founded a few years ago, and the political division of the country hit him. I admitted that I was there. ..

"When I travel and talk to people, I often ask questions." Are you just fed up with all the anger and division? "" Johnson asked. "God, I am. I'm exhausted."

"This country needs healing and unity," he added. After the

event, Johnson bolted his back door. When asked if he could be asked by CNN, he answered "no".