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New UK offices, schools and hospitals need to provide separate bathrooms for men and women: Report

A general view of a men's bathroom and women's bathroom sign
Newly constructed offices, schools, hospitals and recreational facilities in the United Kingdom must include separate bathrooms for men and women. .. Christopher Sadowski

Men and women in newly built offices, schools, hospitals and entertainment venues in the United Kingdom You need to include another facility. Bathrooms under the rules will be released soon, according to a new report.

Regulations apply to such buildings over a certain size. The Telegraph revealed on Saturday.

UK outlets reported this week that the government is aiming to prevent non-residential buildings from being built solely on "universal" or toilets of all genders. ..

Sources told newspapers that the minister and Prime Minister Boris Johnson believed that the regulation should cover all buildings where businesses are located.

This measure is being taken by Minister for Women and Equality Chemi Badenoch. Kemi Badenoch was recently told that some young students are not using the toilet at school because they only have gender. Neutral things.

Badenoch, a member of the Conservative Party, reportedly stated that it was "important" to provide men and women with separate spaces for men and women.

17 January 2020, Lower Saxony, Hildesheim: A woman goes to the "WC for all" at the university, in front of whose entrance the transgender sign can be seen.
Getty Images' Peter Stephen / Photo Alliance

British government sources told The Telegraph: Said. It is important for women to feel safe and comfortable when using public facilities, and to further focus on providing dignity, privacy, tolerance and respect for all.

This paper presents a new policy as a "common sense" method by the minister, which could thwart the recent trend of gender-neutral bathrooms in new buildings. Reported that there is sex.