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New York City on the verge of lack of Rogaine

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New York City is on the verge of lack of hair loss Rogaine, with countless bald men facing empty shelves at chain drugstores such as Duane Reade and Walgreens. I noticed that.

A review of more than 12 chain drugstores by The Post found that all but one was completely out of Men's Rogaine.

Employees at some stores said they expected shipments "within a few days", while others said the shelves were bare for weeks and ordered. He said the request was not met.

"We continue to experience consumer-led growth in certain products and markets. We are taking all possible steps to ensure product availability." Said a spokeswoman for Johnson&Johnson, who manufactures the product.

A 28-year-old Rogaine user confirmed that he could no longer find it on the shelves in the city and said he was forced to order from Amazon. Still, it took me three days to arrive.

Rogaine was first approved by the FDA in 1988.
J.C. Rice for NY Post

"Unfortunately it doesn't work," he said. rice field. "The problem is that when you stop using it, you lose all your hair, so it puts you in a virtuous circle."

Rogaine and its active ingredient, minoxidil, were introduced by the Food and Drug Administration in 1988. Approved for the treatment of male hair loss. The women's version was launched in 1992. Used bymillion people around the world.

Rogaine usually retails for over $ 50 a box and is usually stored on the key and behind the key and needs to be accessed by a clerk.

Experts are plucking their hair to figure out the cause of the shortage that has lasted for at least two weeks.

"Most likely related to supply chain issues," said Salvatore Stile, founder of Alba WheelsUp International's shipping and logistics company. "Maybe some of the components that make this product or packaging don't come in somewhere."

Additional report by Irie Sentner and Maddie Panzer