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The Governor of New York has signed a law restricting the hidden carry-on of firearms following the Supreme Court's ruling.

(CNN)On Friday, Governor Kathy Hochul of the Democratic Party of New York unveiled the hidden carrying of firearms in the following places: Signed a bill to limit. Government buildings and schools after the US Supreme Court last week broke a state's 100-year-old lawthat restricted taking hidden pistols out of the house.

Hochul, who convened an extraordinary meeting on Thursday to address this issue, announced that he had signed the bill quickly after passing.

"I have just signed a new law to keep New Yorkers safe, even in the face of tremendous setbacks from the Supreme Court," she said in atweet. Thank you to the members. "Rapid work and cooperation to pass these important gun safety reforms."
The legislator issued afinal bill texton Thursday, with some debate. Later, I brought the bill to vote on Friday. The state council passed bill 43-20 in a party line vote on Friday, and the state council passed the bill on Friday evening 91-51.

According to the legislative text, the new law sets out a rigorous licensing process for obtaining hidden carry-on permits and a list of places considered "secret" (including Times Square). .. Other areas defined as delicate include government-owned buildings, schools, medical facilities, places of worship, and public transportation. Anyone with a gun in a banned place may be charged with Ferrony under the law.

At a press conference last Friday in Albany, Hotul shared her impetus behind the law and some of its details.

"For pen strokes, (the Supreme Court) has removed the long-standing restrictions that could be used to make wise decisions about who should have the right to carry weapons in New York State. "Hochul said," We believe that such a gun law made New York safer. "

The law enacts a strict permitting process for hidden carry-on licenses. increase. It requires a background check for ammunition sales, the policy Hochul said is not intended to focus on legitimate gun owners.

Under the law, if a minor under the age of 18 lives in a house, the gun owner must store the firearm in a safe place in the house. This is an increase from the previously established 16 years old.

Democratic leaders said they expected Progan supporters to challenge the bill in court, but believe the bill's wording would hold up.

Andrea Stewart Cousins, the majority leader of the New York State Senate, said at a press conference on Friday that legislators carefully created the language in accordance with the Supreme Court's decision.

"The technical side took a long time because we wanted the authorization process to be able to withstand scrutiny, but we are confident that we are offering an opportunity to New York. Not only to have a carried, but to keep the New Yorker safe, "said Stewart Cousins.

Last week, the Supreme Court obtained a license for residents to carry hidden pistols or revolvers in public, proving that there is a "just cause" for the permit. Invalidated the required New York gun law.

Applicants needed to show the need for "practical and clear" self-defense, not "speculative or suspicious".

Following the Supreme Court's decision, Hochul made it "shocking", "how they are retreating this country, and the extent of their ability to protect our citizens. It ’s scary. ”

She added that she was sentenced to be "especially painful." Children and grandchildren.

In May, shooters fired at Buffalo in New York, a predominantly black district supermarket, killing 10 people in a shooting that authorities described as a racially hateful crime.

The Governor has recalled state legislators to a special session this week to pass the Gun Law.

Last month, Hochul signed a legislative package to strengthen thestate gun law, including a law that raises the minimum age for purchasing semi-automatic rifles to 21.

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