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Governor of New York signs a bill banning guns from mass transit at Times Square

Governor Kathy Hokul announced on Friday night that he had signed a bill in response to a recent Supreme Court ruling on the hidden carry law.

The law includes making hidden carrying in "confidential places" illegal. Sensitive areas include airports, public transport, entertainment venues, bars and restaurants, places of worship, and Times Square.

"We are taking swift and bold action to protect the New Yorker. We have scrutinized the NYSRPA vs. Brune decision and are constitutional and policy experts, supporters and legislative partners. After extensive discussions with, we are proud to sign this groundbreaking legislative package that tightens gun control and tightens restrictions on hidden and portable weapons, "the governor said in a statement.

"Thanks to Majority Leader Stewart Cousins, Chair Hasty, and all partners in Congress for their willingness to tackle this critical issue urgently and accurately. I will continue to do my best to combat the epidemic of gun violence. "

The new bill will come into effect on September 1, 2022.

The bill was signed by Hochul. The New York Senate passed a bill on Friday banning the concealed carrying of guns in "sensitive areas", including Times Square and all mass transporttransport. 15}

PHOTO: New York Gov. Kathy Hochul speaks to reporters about legislation passed during a special legislative session, in the Red Room at the state Capitol, July 1, 2022, in Albany, N.Y.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has passed legislation during a special legislative session. Talk to reporters about. July 1, 2022, in the red room of the State Capitol in Albany, NY

Hans Pennink / AP

The bill limits who theSupreme Court rulingcan get a carry permit hidden by people with "just cause" Issued after overturning state law.

"If this ruling was filed by a conservative majority of the Supreme Court, the concealed carry-on permit restrictions would be invalidated, and the decision would issue a license requirement for the state to carry firearms. In light of this decision, the Senate majority is taking action to address the invalidated provisions and counter the potential impact of this ruling on public security. " The majority said in a statement.

Sensitive Places According to the law, places where guns cannot be carried include subways, trains, buses, ferries, government buildings, chapels, schools, libraries, public playgrounds, public parks, etc. There are zoos, homeless shelters, voting centers and more.

PHOTO: The Assembly Chamber is pictured as the house stands at ease during a special legislative session as lawmakers consider new firearms regulations for concealed-carry permits at the state Capitol, June 30, 2022, in Albany, N.Y.

Homes are at ease during the special legislative session, as lawmakers are considering The state of standing is drawn. New Firearms Regulations

Hans Pennink / AP

Governor Hochul announced the legislator's intention to enact a law on "sensitive places" to water nesday. The bill was introduced in the State Senate during a special session called by Hokul, which began on Thursday. The

bill also defaults to guns on all private property unless the owner of the property has a sign that allows the gun or has expressed consent for the gun to be allowed. I'm trying to ban carrying it.

The law is an exception to law enforcement officers, peace officers, active duty military personnel and security forces who are allowed to carry guns in sensitive areas. Those engaged in legal hunting are also allowed to carry guns in sensitive areas.

By law, carrying a gun in a prohibited area is a felony.

A state-wide license and record database created and maintained by police is checked monthly to determine continuous accuracy and whether the person is no longer a valid license owner. Will be. Records are collated with records of criminal convictions, criminal accusations, mental health, extreme risk protection orders and protection orders.

The new law modifies the existing law that establishes an ammunition database for verifying ammunition sales in New York.

Gun and ammunition sellers and dealers also need to keep a record of all transactions related to guns and ammunition.

The bill also adds vehicle requirements to existing safe storage laws, trapping guns in appropriate safe storage that is not visible from the outside of the vehicle, and removing ammunition from the gun. I request that. Otherwise, gun owners will not be allowed to leave their firearms from their direct possession or in the car.

Hochul said in introducing the law on Wednesday that the measure was intended to reduce the theft of guns from cars.

Currently, New York law requires gun owners to keep their guns safe and secure if they have children under the age of 16 at home. .. The new law raises that age requirement to 18 years.

ABC News' Matt J. Foster contributed to this report.