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New York Gun Case: Breyer states state firearms rules where a majority of conservative Supreme Courts are "burdened"

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Supreme Court Judge Stephen Breyerdisagreed on Thursday as the court withdrew restrictions on the carrying of hidden firearms in New York, causing a conservative majority to curb violence. He said he would "burden" the state law aimed at.  

"Many states have just explained by passing legislation that restricts people who may buy, carry, or use different types of firearms in different ways. I tried to deal with some of the dangers of gun violence. " "Today's courts are seriously burdening the state's efforts to do so."

Judges Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan challenge Breyer in a 6-3 proceeding. I did. Judge John Roberts and Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Judge Neil Gorsich, Judge Samuel Alito, and Judge Clarence Thomas accounted for the majority. 

Justice Stephen Breyer Thursday criticized the Republican majority for striking down a New York gun law, arguing that it will restrict states' ability to fight gun violence.

Judge Stephen Breyer will be Republican on Thursday For allegedly defeating New York's gun law, which criticized the majority of the Republicans, and limiting the state's ability to fight gun violence. (REUTERS / Kevin Lamarque)

The Supreme Court has set NY rules that set high standards for hidden pistol licenses. Defeat

Thomas argues that "the second and 14th amendments protect the right of individuals to carry pistols outside their homes for self-defense," the court argued. Submitted a majority opinion. New York lawrequired applicants to provide a "just cause" for seeking a license, but the majority rejected it. 

"The state of New York concludes that the state's license system is unconstitutional because the state of New York issues a public license only if the applicant indicates a special need for self-defense. I will attach it, "writes Thomas. 

However, Mr. Breyer said that the United States deals withmass gun crimes, and even if there are many legitimate uses, it is the state legislature's response. Said it was an area. Firearm. 

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas led a 6-3 conservative majority in a case that struck down a New York gun law Thursday. 

Supreme Court Clarence Thomas gives a 6 Reed-A conservative majority of cases that invalidated New York's gun law on Thursday.  (AP Photo / John Amis, file)

Supreme Court expects Roe v. Wade to be overthrown If you wait for a decision. Wade Case

"Our previous issue was that Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment was for democratically elected civil servants to deal with the serious problem of gun violence. It's about how much it prevents the legislation from being enacted. " "Nevertheless, the court today aims to answer the question without discussing the nature or significance of the matter."

"Balance against the dangers of firearms ... legal Use is primarily the responsibility of elected bodies such as the legislature, "Brayer added. "Facts, statistics, expert opinion, predictive judgment, relevant values, and many other situations need to be considered. These situations are how, when, how to better regulate guns to legislative work, Together we will decide the location. "

In his opinion, Breyer criticizes the historical approach adopted by the majority, and" legal restrictions on the public transport of firearms "are rare. Claims not. Mr. Breyer also said that in the unique circumstances of major cities such asNew York City, it is necessary to consider whether it is practical for lawmakers to allow guns.

Justice Stephen Breyer mentioned the Uvalde massacre in his Supreme Court dissenting opinion Thursday, after the conservative majority shot down a New York gun law.

Judge Stephen Breyer in the Supreme Court Mentioned the Uvalde massacre Opposition Thursday after a conservative majority shot down New York's gun law. (AP / Eric Gay)

The NRA couldn't stop the bipartisan senator bill, but its influence Has decreased significantly.

"A historic example of a regulation similar to the New York licensing system is the Corps," Breyer said. "Not all of these laws are the same as New York law, but it is unavoidable in an analysis that requires a survey of 7th century history. At least, the law I mentioned is similar to New York law. It also limits the right to publicly carry weapons. It serves almost the same purpose. "

Even under the 2008 Heller case, which gives individuals the right to own firearms." Breyer said the right could have legal government restrictions. 

"As long as Heller interprets Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment to protect the rights of individuals who own firearms for self-defense, we are bound by Heller." Breyer said. "But Heller realized that his rights were unlimited and could be subject to government regulation."

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This case is likely to be considered a breakthrough victory For gun advocates, Congress It's coming because it's likely to pass thebipartisan gun safety billin the next few days. 

One effort was to kill 19 children and 2 adults in primary school in Uvalde, Texas.

Fox News' Ronn Blitzer contributed to this report.