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New York overhauls pistol rules to maintain some restrictions on firearms

US Supreme Court strikes New York state law

New York state legislators on Friday state handgun licensing rules Approved a drastic review of theafter the Supreme Court ruled that most people have the right to carry a pistol for personal protection, Trying to maintain the limits of firearms.

After Governor Kathy Hochulpassed through both houses of the bill, the bill was signed, where the state can get a gun and where the gun is. We are still imposing too many restrictions on what we can carry.

Democrat Hokul worked on the bill by recalling the Democratic-controlled state legislature to Albany after last week's High Court ruling overturned the state's long-standing licensing restrictions.

Proponents said that the law, which will come into effect on September 1, is to comply with the Supreme Court's ruling and not to put weapons into the hands of people. He said he had the right balance between. You may use them recklessly or for criminal purposes.

However, some Republican lawmakers opposed the stricter restrictions and argued that the law violated the constitutional right to keep armed. They predicted that it would also be capsized.

Above all, the new state rules require people applying for a pistol license to flip through a list of social media accounts so that authorities can see their "personality and behavior."

Applicant indicates that he has "the essential personality, temperament, and judgment necessary to entrust a weapon and use it only in a way that does not endanger himself or others." Must be.

As part of that assessment, applicants are required to submit a list of social media accounts they have maintained over the last three years.

"Sometimes they telegram their intentions to harm others," Democratic Governor Kathy Hokul said at a press conference.

Gun advocates and Republican leaders were furious that the law violated not only Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment, but also the right to privacy and free speech.

"New Yorker's constitutional freedom has been trampled," said Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy.

The bill approved by Congressman does not specify whether applicants need to provide licensees with access to private social media accounts that are not open to the public.

Those applying for a license to carry a pistol provide a reference to four characters, 16 hours of firearm safety training and 2 hours of practice, and regular identities. You will need to be investigated and provide your contact information. A spouse, cohabiting partner, or other adult living in a family.

Hochul's chief attorney, Elizabeth Fine, claimed that the state had set a "very clear set of eligibility criteria" and said the law included an appeal process.

The bill, signed on Friday, also amends a recently passed law banning the sale of certain bulletproof vests to the general public. Under previous law, many types of bodies, including those worn by gunmen, wherekilled 10 blacksin a racist attack on a buffalo supermarket. Armor was accidentally excluded.

Last week's Supreme Court ruling issued a 109-year-old state law requiring people to present an extraordinary threat to safety in order to qualify for a license to carry a pistol out of the house. I disabled it. The restrictions generally restricted licenses to those who have worked for law enforcement agencies or who have other special needs that go beyond everyday public security concerns.

Under the new system, the state will not allow permission for people convicted of drunk driving, intimidation, or three assaults within the last five years.

Also, you are not allowed to bring firearms to a long list of "delicate places" such as Times Square, which is crowded with New York City tourists.

This list includes schools, universities, government buildings, places where people gather for public protests, medical facilities, places of worship, libraries, public playgrounds and parks, day care centers, summers. Camps, addictions, mental health centers, shelters, public transportation, bars, theaters, stadiums, museums, playgrounds, casinos.

New York also prohibits people from bringing guns into business or work unless the owner puts up a sign saying they welcome the gun. People who bring their guns to places without such signs may be prosecuted for felony.

This is the opposite approach to many other states where companies that do not want to have a gun usually need to post a sign indicating that their weapons are not allowed.

Gun defenders said the law violated the rights endorsed by the Supreme Court.

"Now I'm going to let the pizzeria owner decide if I can express my constitutional rights," said Senator Andrew Lanza, Republican of Staten Island. .. "This is shameful. See you in court." 

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