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New York struggles to keep up with immigration surge as Texas starts bussing them into the city

(CNN)On Wednesday, the day after city officials targeted Texas Gov.Mexico

Reception centers have already seen more than 4,000 migrants since the surge that began in May, according to New York City officials. Overwhelmed by people.

His three buses carrying about 100 immigrants from Texas arrived in New York City early Wednesday morning, city officials said. The migrants who arrived Wednesday came from Venezuela and Colombia, said Shaina Coronel, a spokesperson for Mayor Manuel Castro's immigration commissioner.

The migrants were a mix of families and single men, according to City Councilor Shahana Hanif's spokesperson, Michael Whiteside. Coronel said they arrived between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. and were met with loud applause from volunteers, including Hanif. Meanwhile, mutual aid groups have provided food and to-go bags for our care packages," Whitesides said.

The mayor's immigration department said about eight migrants who got off the bus needed urgent medical attention for various health-related issues.

Over the weekend,at least 68 immigrantsarrived by bus from Texas.

The city also plans to open a more professional service-based help center and open more emergency housing within the next two weeks, but officials have complained of a lack of coordination from the state of Texas. "I'm in pain," Castro said.

"They have essentially weaponized this situation," Castro said at a city council hearing on Tuesday. Confidentiality agreements that do not allow them to communicate with.”

Mayor Eric Adams accused Abbott of forcing immigrants onto buses, but the governor's office denied the accusations on Monday.

On Friday, Abbott's office issued a statement that New York City is now a designated "drop-off point" with Washington, D.C., as part of the governor's response. , the Biden administration's open-border policy is overwhelming communities in Texas."
Earlier this year, Abbott bused thousands of immigrants to Washington, D.C., as a deliberate insult to the Biden administration. Started sending to.

"It's unimaginable. When you come to a country and visit here for the first time, someone kicks you out and makes you navigate this complicated country like the Governor of Texas does." We are trying to provide our services through the Unrelated press conference on Tuesday.

"These immigrants happily chose to go to New York City. Upon boarding, they signed a Voluntary Consent Waiver, available in multiple languages, that they had agreed to their destination. If the mayor wants a solution to this crisis, he should call on President Biden to take immediate action to secure the border — which the president continues to fail to do.

A copy of the waiver obtained by CNN lists Washington, D.C. and New York City as "available destinations." There is also a line exempting the State of Texas and its affiliates from liability "resulting from or in any way related to injury or damage that may occur during agreed-upon transportation to locations outside of Texas." It contains.

Abbott's office did not respond to questions about the bus company's non-disclosure agreement.

He told CNN, on condition of anonymity, that one of the immigrants who arrived Wednesday said he had family in New York City and voluntarily took the bus. He had previously traveled for a month from Venezuela to the border to seek asylum, a journey he says was difficult, but he was finally able to meet his family in New York. I was happy.

He said the three-day trip to New York was a pleasant journey, adding that food and water were provided. and made arrangements to meet relatives. They were looking for the village of Westbury as their final destination.

City officials say immigrants need housing, legal and medical assistance

Housing, Legal Aid, Medical Assistance.

"When the buses arrive, people arrive hungry, thirsty and often sick," Castro said. “And those are immediate needs. Asylum seekers have many specific needs.”

New York City Social Services Commissioner Gary Jenkins said, At a hearing on the recent surge in asylum seekers, migrants said they were placed at 11 emergency sites -- four in Manhattan, three in Queens, two in Brooklyn and two in the Bronx.

The city plans to open one specialized services center within the next two weeks, said New York City Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iskoll. , provide admission to public schools for children who arrive, etc. Next, he plans to refer people to community-based organizations as a way to enroll immigrants into different communities, Iscol said.

Adams said he is seeking more help from the state and federal governments and plans to speak with the Biden administration by the end of this week. He also stressed that most immigrants from Texas had to endure conditions of 45 hours of bus travel and limited stops.

"There is nothing to be achieved in dealing with people who lack dignity in this way," said the mayor.