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The New York Times editorial plans to "disciplinary" the Supreme Court in response to the Roe v. Wade decision.

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The New York Times has published an editorial calling on Congress to "disciplinary" the Supreme Court in response to the court's decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade case. 

New York Times columnist Jamelbuyer outlines how the Democratic Party can govern in the High Court in an article entitled "How to Discipline a Fraudulent Supreme Court." increase. 

"The Supreme Court does not exist on the constitutional system," Bouie wrote. He added that the "Rouge" court "cannot protect itself from the power of other branches." 

Bouie's options include impeachment, the dismissal of judges, and stuffing into court. 

"It allows [Parliament] to impeach and eliminate judges. It can scale the court itself (initially six in the Supreme Court). There were only members), "he wrote.

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Law enforcement officers stand guard as protesters march past Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's home on June 8, 2022 in Chevy Chase, Maryland. 

Protesters in Chevy on June 8, 2022 Law enforcement officers are wary of Chase, Maryland, while marching past Brett Kavanaugh's house in the Supreme Court.  (Nathan Howard / Getty Images)

The White House opposes President Biden's plan to close the court on Saturday. 

Buyer also confirmed that Congress imposes a majority requirement on the Supreme Court or "deprives the court of jurisdiction on a particular issue." Proposed.

"In the face of reckless, reactionary, and power-hungry courts, Congress has choices. The problem is politics," writes Buoy. 

This is Congressman Alexandria Ocasiocortes, D-N.Y, who stated that the Supreme Court's decision was "illegal." Similar to the claim by. He called on his supporters to take their dissatisfaction "on the street." Buyer argued that the Supreme Court "almost completely lacked democratic legitimacy." 

"Despite the arrogance of the current Supreme Court, despite the almost complete lack of legitimacy of the Democratic Party, within the Democratic Party, the nature and location of the court There is little or no desire for conflict over it, in our constitutional system, "he added.

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CHEVY CHASE, MD: Pro-choice activists approach the home of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to hold a demonstration.  

Chevy Chase, Maryland: Prosecutor is Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the US Supreme Court We will approach the house and give a demonstration.   (Photo courtesy of Bonnie Cash / Getty Images)

Buyer praised President Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR's New Deal 

"For many Democrats, Roosevelt's attempt to scale the court is no more victorious than the tale. Presidential leadership and presidential power. It's a testament to the limits of the world, "he wrote. "But Roosevelt eventually got the Supreme Court in favor of most of the New Deal. The threat worked. The court became humble."

"Important to the court It will take time to build the kind of power and consensus needed to make such changes, "Bouyer argued. 

He continued, "But even the task of accumulating that power and putting together that consensus acts under conservative control as if it were standing on top. Can stand as a credible threat to the Supreme Court. The Constitutional System is not responsible for anyone but itself. " 

The New York Times ignored the indictment of Nicholas Roske, the young man you was arrested outside of Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh's home. 

The New York Times is Nicholas Roske, a young man you were arrested outside the house of Brett Cabano in the Supreme Court.  (AP Photo / Anna Johnson)

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In response to the court's Roe v. Wade ruling, protesters posted the address of a Republican-appointed judge online. Earlier this month, Nicholas Roske was arrestedoutside Judge Brett Kavanaugh's house for attempted murder. He was "armed with knives, pistols, ammunition, cable ties, pepper sprays, duct tapes, and other items allegedly told police that he intended to use them to kill Supreme Court justice." Roske told the 911 operator that he was there to kill Kavanaugh and was angry with the then Supreme Court's draft of abortion. 

Mainstream media have been severely criticized for ignoring attempts to assassinate Kabanau

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