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NEW Singapore beer is made from recycled sewage

The new blonde ale for sale in Singapore allows beer drinkers to literally "get angry".

An alcoholic beverage called NEWBrew uses recycled sewage to create a beverage. It was first launched in April at stores in Asian city-states.

Beverages are made from NEWater, a specially treated sewage that was first introduced in 2003.

The island nation has no natural water source, so it is highly dependent on rainfall. The long dry period puts Singapore at risk of serious water shortages.

Relies on desalination plants that turn seawater into drinking water by removing salts and minerals through a process called reverse osmosis.

Singapore also uses the NEWater process. In this process, the sewage is microfiltered to remove fine particles and bacteria.

The treated water is then subjected to back-permeation and UV disinfection steps aimed at killing the remaining bacteria and viruses and ensuring their purity.

Beer-drinkers in the Asian city-state who have sampled the ale said they like the taste.

Countries with shortages of freshwater sources, such as Israel, Los Angeles and London Are you suffering from a shortage of urban water, are you incorporating technology, or are considering doing so.

PUB has created NEW Brew in partnership with Brewerkz, the national craft beer brewery and government agency responsible for water supply management.

The result is a beer that tastes like beer, with no signs of unpleasant origin.

"NE Water has a neutral taste and is perfectly suited for brewing," said Bloomberg's head of brewing. One Mitch Gribov told Bloomberg.

"The mineral profile of water plays an important role in the chemical reaction during brewing."

Some locals tasting beer make a difference. Some people said they didn't understand.

"If you don't tell people that it's made from wastewater, they probably don't know," Grace Chen, 52.

Singapore, which lacks freshwater sources, relies on recycling sewage water and desalination plans to provide for its people's water needs.
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However, for others, where the drink came from I want to know what it is and avoid drinking.

"There are many types of beer around," said 22-year-old Low Yu Chen. “If you want beer, choose one made from plain water.”

Singapore-based breweries are up to the end of July as beer flies so fast from supermarket shelves. Said that it could be sold out.

Evaluate consumer reaction before deciding whether to produce more ale.

NEWBrew is not the first beer to use recycled sewage. Swedish brewery Nya Carnegie Brewery has worked with beer giant Carlsberg and the Institute for the Environment to create pilsner made from refined toilet water.

A Canadian brewery, Village Brewery has collaborated with researchers at the US water technology company Xylem and the University of Calgary to create their own ale.