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Chet Holmgren, second overall, shines in his NBA Summer League debut and sets a record

(CNN)He came with a lot of hype and expectations, and Chet Holmgren shines on his first professional outing. Was.

2nd overall in 2022NBAThe draft by Oklahoma City Thunder wore a bluejerseyfor the first time in the NBA Summer League on Tuesday. The
Summer League is an off-season tournament where theteamwill play primarily newcomers, second year, fringe NBA players, spend time developing talent, and who is right for them. Check if or who is not suitable.

With a 98-77 victory over Utah Jazz, Holmgren surprised fans and set a record for 24 minutes on the court.

The 20-year-old big man finished with 23 points (including 4 out of 6 attempts from the 3 point range). He has 7 rebounds and 4 assists.

He also finished in the NBA Summer League match with the most 6 blocks ever.

Later, when he was told he broke Brock's record, Holmgren said he wanted more. "Only six? That's the record? Oh, and I'm going to break it," he told ESPNin a post-match television interview.

According to ESPN, Holmgren was the first player in the history of the Summer League to record at least five blocks and hit four three-pointers.

Holmgren's size and shooting ability quickly stand out by playing with Thunder's vast number of young talents such as Josh Giddey, Alexei Poxevsky, Jaylin Williams and Jalen Williams. Was.

Gonzaga's 7-foot player fixed his paint at his size and showed some of the clever attack skills he had already learned.

He emphasizes and dunks the ball to score the first point, hits a three-point shot in the face of a 7-foot-6 Tacko Fall, and has a mysterious similarity to the NBA hole. I hit a fade away midrange shot-of-Famer Dirk Nowitzki.

"Scream to your teammates to set me up, talk to me, and put me in a position to succeed," Holmgrenfolded his arms around Guidi with. Said.

"Cry to this man here," he said, pointing at Guidi. "Double-double with assistance. It was a great night for him and it helped me a lot."

Giddey praised Holmgren. "The hype he came up with, the way he played tonight was a big deal for us," Australian security guardtold.

"Because of such a high pick, there was a lot of pressure and he handled it as well as possible. It makes it easy to play my work with someone like him. He can stretch the floor, finish on the rim. He protected me and regained my back on the defensive end. So I love playing with him. It's a game and chemistry is It's getting stronger and stronger. "

Thunder's coach staff was also impressed with Holmgren's debut performance.

"I thought he was really offensive. What impressed me most was how well he played in our style," Thunder Summer said. League team coach Cameron Woods is.

"He obviously played a great match, but the most impressive part for me was that he did it in our attack. Looks like team basketball, We were successful in what we were doing. "