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Noah Cyrus details Xanax addiction. It became a "dark and bottomless hole"

Noah Cyrus is recovering due to Xanax addiction. This made her feel like she was in a "dark, bottomless hole."

Miley Cyrus's sister, 22, when her boyfriend at the time gave her the medicines used to treat anxiety and panic disorders for the first time, she was 18 years old. It was revealed that it was.

"That's the way we make bonds," singertold Rolling Stonein her profile published Tuesday. "I think I wanted to get along with him. I wanted to be what he wanted, what he thought was cool, and what everyone was doing."

Growing up in the limelight with pop star sister, Noah said he was "surrounded by easily accessible people" and preferred to take Xanax over party drugs. I did.

"When I felt it was possible to silence things for a moment and paralyze the pain, it was over. It would be a kind of this dark hole, a bottomless hole," she said. ..

Miley, Noah Cyrus
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Noah also gave her most of the medicine The COVID-19 pandemic, which he said he had spent, claimed to be asleep until 8 pm and even lead to memory loss.

In her EP promotional interview "The End of Everything," she remembered having a physical struggle to keep her awake.

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"I completely nod and fall asleep and keep myself I couldn't do it so far, so please raise your head or keep your eyes open, "she said of an unbroadcast interview.

Noah said she was "recovering" from late 2020.

Miley, Noah Cyrus
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"I am a spokesperson for recovery I'm not going to be like that, "she said. "I'm just going through it and understanding it myself."

She continued. "I can get up in the morning, look in the mirror and continue the day without hating myself. I can comfort myself and grow myself."

"I Burned LADown Her next debut album, "The Hardest Part," featuring tracks such as "The Hardest Part," will be released on July 15th.