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North Dakota Abortion Clinic Raises Over $ 500,000 to Move to Minnesota Suitable for Abortion

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North Dakota's onlyabortion clinichas created a fundraiser to help move a few miles to Minnesota, where abortion remains legal, on the 2nd. Raised over $ 500,000 within.

The Red River Women's Clinic in Fargo, North DakotaThe Red River Women's Clinicenforces a state "trigger" law banning abortion following the Supreme Court's decision to overthrow Law. After being aborted, you will be forced to close the door. v. Wade. The clinic has been the only abortion provider in the state for 20 years.

The Supreme Courtruled 5-4 on Friday morning that the right to abortion is not protected by the Constitution. This means that the state will be able to determine the respective laws involved. Stop access.

The North Dakota State Parliament passed a "trigger" law in 2007 banning abortion if the Supreme Court ruled that the procedure was not a constitutional right. State law comes into force 30 days after Attorney General Drew Wrigley proves the Supreme Court's decision. Wrigley said in a statement Friday that he was appreciating the court's decision to determine its implications for North Dakota's law.

Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

A crowd of people gather outside the Supreme Court, Monday night, May 2, 2022 in Washington following reports of a leaked draft opinion by the court overturning Roe v. Wade. 

On Monday night, May 2, 2022, a large number of people gathered outside the Supreme Court in Washington. By the court overturning the Roe v. Wade case.  (AP Photo / Anna Johnson)

Arizona Abortion Protest: Police Tear Gas, Hostage in Court Liberation'In the Senate building

State law imposes a felony of Class C, imprisonment for up to 5 years, and a fine of $ 10,000. Abortion except for pregnant women who have their own surgery. The law allows exceptions in the case of rape and incest.

Tami Cromenaker, owner and operator of the abortion clinic, said she had secured space for business in Moorhead, Minnesota on Saturday. She had previously stated that she did not know how to financially support the move.

People rally in support of abortion rights at the state Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., in May 2019. A proposed amendment to the state constitution that would protect the right to an abortion and contraceptives was approved by the state Senate Monday. 

People who support the right to abortion at the State Capitol Gathered in May 2019 in Sacramento, California. A draft amendment to the State Constitution that protects abortion and contraceptive rights was approved by the State Senate on Monday.  (AP Photo / Rich Pedroncelli)

The GoFundMe page was launched on Friday to help move, from over 6,000 to over $ 515,000. Was procured. Donor as of late Saturday afternoon. The initial goal was to raise $ 20,000.

Kromenaker said in a television interview on Saturday that abortion was still legal in North Dakota until the Trigger Act came into force.

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Abortion is fetal viability in Minnesota Up to legal, Governor Tim Walz has signed an order to protect abortion providers and patients from facing legal consequences in other states.

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