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North Korea resumes missile test, launches two suspected cruise missiles

North Korea may soon conduct nuclear test

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol said Wednesday that his government will seek to stand on its own in the face of North Korea'snuclear weapons capability. said it had no plans to pursue nuclear deterrence. Even if North Korea launches two suspected cruise missiles into the sea, the latest display of expanded arsenal will force Pyongyang to denuclearize in exchange for economic gain. Yun's call for a return to diplomacy aimed at taking action came hours after Confederate forces discovered that North Korea had launched a missile into the sea from the west coast town of Oncheon. rice field. South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff did not immediately release details, such as how far the weapon flew.

Yoon's office said his National Security Agency Director, Kim Sung-Han, had asked other officials before Yoon addressed reporters at a press conference and reviewed South Korea's military readiness. It said it had discussed the launch with officials.Tensions could rise further when the United States and South Korea next week begin their biggest joint exercise in years to counter the North Korean threat. North Korea describes such drills as rehearsals for aggression and has often responded with missile tests and other provocations.

Yoon told reporters that South Korea does not want political change in North Korea brought about by force and that there is no sustainable change between rivals. He called for diplomacy aimed at building a sustainable peace.Tensions over North Korea's accelerating weapons programme.

South Korea's President Yoon Suk-yeol holds first official news conference, in Seoul
South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol said at his first official press conference since taking office in May, 100 days in office. welcomed South Korea on August 17, 2022 in Seoul, South Korea. Chung Sung-Jun / Poll via Reuters

Mr. Yoon's comments come several times after he proposed a "bold" economic aid package to North Korea. A few days later. COVID-19 It blames the South if it abandons its nuclear weapons program while avoiding harsh criticism of the North after threatening "lethal" retaliation for the outbreak.

Yoon's proposals for large-scale aid to food and medical care, power and modernization of port infrastructure have been rejected by North Korea, which is accelerating its development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. was similar to Kim Jong Un is his strongest guarantee of survival.

Still, Yoon expressed hope for a "meaningful dialogue" with North Korea on his plans, saying that Seoul could be phased in if North Korea commits to a true "roadmap." China is ready to provide corresponding economic rewards at each stage of the denuclearization process. In the direction of completely abandoning the weapons program.

"We're not saying 'fully denuclearize first and then offer,'" Yun said. "What we are trying to say is that as long as they show a firm determination (toward denuclearization), we will do what we can according to their steps."

North Korea and South-North relations are deteriorating as major nuclear talks between the United States stalls.

Koreas Tensions
A television screen at Seoul Station showing a news program reporting a filed image of a North Korean missile launch August 17, 2022  Lee Jin-man / AP

First intercontinental ballistic missile in almost five years

It is allowing the United States to accept and negotiate economic and security concessions from a strong position. With signs that North Korea is preparing to conduct its first nuclear test since September 2017, when he claimed to have developed a thermonuclear weapon that could be mounted on an ICBM, Kim quickly pegged the stakes. can raise the

Kim's ICBM has attracted international attention, but North Korea is also expanding the range of its nuclear-capable short-range missiles that can target South Korea. Kim Jong-un has suspended weapons development over threats to actively use his nuclear weapons in conflicts with South Korea and the United States, an escalation that could raise concerns for neighbors, experts say.

President Yoon will resume large-scale military exercises that were halted or curtailed during the Trump era, and strengthen South Korea's missile defenses, thereby bolstering South Korea's missile defenses through alliances with the United States. He vowed to strengthen South Korea's defense capabilities.The Biden administration also referred to assurances that it would protect allies with full military force, including nuclear power, and U.S. commitments to defending South Korea and Japan, including "extended deterrence." was reconfirmed.

But some experts say it is becoming clear that South Korea has no clear-cut way of countering North Korea's influence over its nuclear weapons. He has expressed concern that Washington may be reluctant to defend its allies in the event of a missile-induced war. A potential threat to cities in the continental United States.

Some South Koreans are calling for the reintroduction of US tactical nuclear weapons withdrawn from South Korea in the 1990s, or for Seoul to pursue its own deterrence.

Yoon denied the latter possibility at a press conference, saying Seoul remains committed to international treaties aimed at preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

"I believe the NPT [Non-Proliferation Treaty] regime is a very important and necessary prerequisite for lasting world peace," Yoon said, adding that US deterrence against allies He expressed hope that the strategy could evolve to counter the North Korean threat. Growing threat.

Yoon's comments, which sparked widespread controversy last week after North Korea claimed victory over COVID-19, also blamed South Korea for the epidemic. North Korea claims that leaflets and other objects flew across its border by activists spread the virus, an unscientific claim that Seoul describes as "absurd."

North Korea has a history of putting pressure on South Korea if it doesn't get what it wants from the United States, and there are concerns that the North Korean threat portends provocation. Nuclear and missile tests, even border skirmishes. Some experts say North Korea could escalate tensions over joint military exercises between allies that begin next week.  

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