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US road fatalities to continue to rise in 2022

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U.S. road traffic casualties began rising two years ago, and the trend will continue into 2022.

Traffic fatalities rose 7% in his first three months of the year to 9,560, making him the all-time high. First quarter rate in 20 years, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates.

Since the easing of pandemic lockdowns in 2020,people have returned to work and more people are traveling by car,and road fatalities continue to rise. I am following In the first quarter, driving distance increased by about 40 billion miles for him, up 5.6% year-over-year, according to the agency.

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The number of deaths per 100 million miles traveled also increased during the quarter, from 1.25 to 1.27, according to the agency.

Prior to 2020, deaths had fallen for three years in a row.

The government has blamed the increase on speeding, erratic driving and other reckless behavior, promising to invest in speed control and build safer roads. there is

Pedestrians cross Delancey Street as congested traffic from Brooklyn enters Manhattan over the Williamsburg Bridge in New York. Roadway deaths rose 7% during the first three months of 2022 to 9,560 people, the highest number for the first quarter in two decades.

Pedestrians cross Delancey Street, congested traffic from Brooklyn Enter Manhattan across the Williamsburg Bridge. yoke. In the first three months of 2022, road deaths increased by 7% to reach 9,560. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, Files)

"The overall numbers are still going the wrong way," he said of NHTSA's Stephen Cliff. The director said in a prepared statement. "It's time for all states to step up road safety."

Infrastructure laws have funds to invest heavily in highway safety, he said, Cliff said. Stated.

Self-steering BMW cut into oncoming traffic killing one of him

while disabled. On Wednesday,Laver announced that he would work with local police to implement a nationwide disabled driving enforcement program for several weeks around the Day holiday.

About 43,000 people died on US roads last year. It is the highest price in 16 years.

Last year, road traffic deaths increased by 10.5%, compared to he in 2020. This is the largest rate of increase since NHTSA began collecting mortality data in his 1975. NHTSA will release final numbers for 2021 in the fall.

NHTSA mortality estimates are usually close to actual figures.

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} Cliff approved by the Senate {just three months ago to run NHTSA70} will leave NHTSA next month to run the California Air Resources Board, which regulates pollution. Chief Advisor Ann Carlson will run the agency until a new administrator is appointed.