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NY Progressives Woke Bloody War in the Streets - And Innocent People Are Paying the Price

Progressives in New York are waging ugly wars on the ideological front as well as in the streets, with real casualties. But what progressives don't admit is that these victims are more than just numbers on a spreadsheet. they are real people.  

On August 13, New York added another name to its casualty list for the murder of taxi driver Kutin Gyimah. Gyimah was a real person — the father of four children and a loving husband. He died after being brutally attacked by passengers for audaciously charging for driving services.

And his merciless death is another innocent Jesus His Cortez by a sucker punch to his head in an attack without cause alleged by the parolee Van Hoo his buoy It happened the day after it caught me off guard. The ill-conceived attack fractured Cortes' skull and caused him to bleed in his brain.

Taxi driver Kutin Gyimah was killed in an Aug. 13 attack in NYC.

Oh, sins like Cortes and Guima in this burning war People who don't have it are completely dehumanized. For the Progressives, their mission is more important than a few dead bystanders, so the casualty count will never be high enough to change their course.

And they are waging war within every branch of government, increasingly occupied by ideologies that create policies that sound good but create hell for civilians. was lying in the hospital recovering from his injuries, New York's occupying forces downgraded Buoy's charges from attempted murder to assault and harassment and promptly released him from prison.

That madness is the reason why the buoys are trapped. It drew national attention to Governor Kathy Ho-Chol, who was embarrassed to step in to see. But Hochul intends to leave the system that led to the farce completely intact.

Kutin Gyimah leaves behind a wife and four kids.

Only the feared in New York today must obey the law. Must-be obedient citizens; meanwhile, like Hochul, those who have manufactured and maintained this war zone will never admit responsibility. Their progressive doctrine states that no matter how much suffering they cause, never give in, keep fighting, and never dominate any part of the system. 42}

They justify it by claiming they are seeking "fairness", and it is unfortunate if it involves victims. Nevertheless, the public pretends to be safe enough.

A frightening but not surprising result: an increase in crime rates. Lack of innocent justice. Demonization of those who try to protect themselves (e.g. bodega worker Jose Alba). Kill a taxi driver. Bystanders in hospital.

Progressives preach constantly about how they are trying to help the poor and working class, but when the poor and working class start to bleed, it's because of their policies. In, their bleeding hearts are suddenly healed.

In fact, when the system begins to break down, it is the people at the bottom who suffer, and those who reign from above protect themselves from the pain others feel. Allowing violent sex offenders like Hu Bui to return to the streets and potentially add to an ever-expanding list of victims.

Efforts to defund and demoralize the police have allowed figures like Kuching Gima to brutally and lethally commit crimes without fear of being caught and forcing perpetrators to reconsider their crimes. It has fostered an environment of violence.

 Bui Van Phu originally had charges downgraded and was initially released from jail.
Van Phu Bui was initially downgraded and released from prison.

Stop pretending. Casualties in New York are not numbers. They are real people worthy of protection and advocacy, choosing to terrorize innocent people, and certainly better than the daring predators championed by progressives.

64} People like Kutin Gyimah and Jesus Cortes are not expendable. They are essential for loved ones. But elitists don't see them that way. To them, they are negligible numbers, so as not to discourage their ideological goals.

All New Yorkers are currently suffering from tremendous anxiety. Because they are beginning to realize that progressive policies are creating a hell they have to survive. Just adding their names to the casualty list does nothing to prevent it from happening again, and does little to ensure justice on their behalf. And it is beyond pathetic.

Adam B. Coleman is the author of "Black Victim to Black Victor" and founder of Wrong Speak Publishing.