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New York Government Agency Delayed to Submit 762 Public Report in 2022

Late show from the city hall!

A portal that provides active public access to New York City government records did not submit notices about crime statistics, up-to-date infectious diseases, and millions of dollars in project costs. In addition, it is flooded with slow notifications scolding the institution. I learned the post.

The 762 delay notices submitted so far in 2022 are more than double the delay notices of the same period in 2021, and the recording station is a surge due to "system defects". ..  

The findings are "obstructive" and bring "tremendous misery" that leaves the people "in the dark", said Paul Wolf, chairman of the New York Open Government coalition. rice field.

Delayed notifications make up 29% of all documents submitted by the recording department in 2022. In 2020, those 632 late notifications accounted for 15% of total filings. The agency submitted 374 delay notices in the first half of 2021, accounting for only 12% of the total number of submissions during the period, and submitted two more delay notices in the second half of 2021.

The 762 late notices filed so far in 2022 are more than double the late filings during the same period in 2021.
NY Post Paul Martinka

"Government reports are available and accessible in a central location Ensuring that it is possible is a core element of modern democracy. "Noel Hidalgo, executive director of the government's accountable nonprofit Beta NYC, said in a public report that New Yorkers face" many. He added that the actions taken by the government in response to the "crisis" are "important factors for understanding."

The latest criminal of the year is the Homeless Service, with 104 notifications delayed. New York Police Department, 52 delay notifications. The Information Technology and Communications Bureau has 48 delay notifications, as shown by city records. 

The mayor's office, which established a new EQ Office in May, has received 10 notifications so far this year. This includes a five-quarter report on the mayor's efforts to provide fair and effective equal opportunity employment. 

The Mayor's Office created a new Office of Equity this year.
Stephen Hirsch for NY Post

The Housing and Architecture Bureau lags behind file 13. A report on a construction accident that could lead to injury or death. It provides important information about the safety of buildings throughout the city. 

No agency responded to the request for comment.

A spokesperson for the Recording Bureau attributed the 2022 surge to a "system flaw" in which some delay notices submitted in 2021 could not be uploaded until January 2022. rice field. 101 delay notifications in 2022 by the city-wide management services department, all but 12 disappeared from the portal.