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NYC is developing two virtual learning programs with the goal of transforming it into a completely remote school by 2023.

Distance learning may stay here.

New York City has two virtual learning programs for high school students. The aim is to transform it into a full-fledged remote school by 2023.

The new Initiative Walls, called "Schoolless Schools," will offerhybrid and virtual learningto 200 up-and-coming 9th graders this fall.

"As we get out of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's clear enough that our education system needs to work for young people in ways never before," said Mayor Eric Adams. Stated in a statement.

"This virtual academy gives students the freedom to explore their interests, learn out of the box, devote themselves to talent, and use the wonderful resources of our city as a classroom. It aims to give students more freedom and flexibility to move this program "beyond the classroom" and obtain a high school diploma. "


Students will also formally enroll in traditional high schools, and DOE will work with the state to transform the virtual academy into a full-time school wherecan award diplomas.

NYC mayor Adams reacts to US Supreme Court decision.
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"A pandemic is about rethinking the experiences of children's students. We emphasized the importance, giving them the opportunity to freely pursue their interests and passions as part of their high school journey, "said school director David Banks.

"It is our responsibility as an educator to meet students where they have the opportunity to empower learning," he added.

Both programs are housed in school facilities and teachers provide live and pre-recorded instruction using DOE equipment and classrooms.

Students also have access to these facilities for counseling services, face-to-face clubs, sports, and electives. DOE will also provide laptops, saying families can visit physical stores for technical support.

Hybrid students attend half-day school directly in downtown Brooklyn and then finish their classes online.

On the other hand, students who choose the fully virtual model sit for attendance and advice in real time and take daily synchronized classes in the humanities, math and science.

This week's announcement will be madeafter the banks have shown an interest in virtual learning formonths since their term as prime minister began.

"I see it as a place for true innovation," Banks said in an interview with News 12 on Wednesday. "You can try out different theories about technology and education."

School Chancellor David C Banks speaks at a press conference.
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"For example, if someone is a good physics teacher and you don't have a physics teacher at your school, why can't you effectively give access to a physics teacher on the other side of the town? "?"

"There are virtually all people in our school who can be teachers around the world."

If your family is interested, DOE Also seemed ready to extend the program to more students.

"I'm looking for reaction and interest. Knowing how many parents are really interested in this," Banks said.

The city's virtual academy reflects the trend towards more regions offering virtual options. According to an analysis of the 20 largest school districts in the United States by the education nonprofit Chalkbeat, almost all of them will offer remote classes this fall, with at least half more full-time virtuals. Offers more options than they did before the pandemic. They include the suburbs of Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.

New York City officials said the "wallless school" would be designed in collaboration with students to answer questions from students and their families.

This program was conducted as a pilot of an organization called NYC Outward Bound Schools and field tested potential projects and career opportunities, including summer and autumn internship opportunities. According to DOE, in the spring, a student intern helped the design team form a virtual academy.

The application deadline is Wednesday, July 6th. Students will be selected by lottery and will be notified of the offer by mid-July.