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NYPD data: shootings, violent crimes surge in murder decline

So far this year, serious crimes such as robbery, theft and robbery have surged by nearly 40% compared to the same period last year. The NYPD data released on Monday shows.

According to the data, the increase in other crimes was caused by a decrease in shootings and murders.

Robbery has increased by 39.4% so far in 2022 from 5,670 to 7,903.

Theft charges increased from 15,920 to 23,786, an increase of 49.4%, the data show. The city has also experienced 7,389 robbery so far this year, while 5,522 robbery in 2021 was an increase of 33.8%. The violent attack showed a 19.3% increase from 10,153 to 12,113 year-on-year.

At the same time, data show that 226 people in the same period in 2021 fell by 12.8%, compared to 197 murders in the city so far this year. During the same period, 747 people were shot dead in the city, compared with 817 people down 8.6% last year.

An individual pushed a 52-year-old female onto southbound subway tracks on June 5, 2022.
An individual hit a 19-year-old male with a hatchet on Avenue of the Americas on May 23, 2022.
The NYPD investigated a bank robbery at TD Ameritrade Bank on 6th Avenue.
Robert Miller

Joseph Jacaron, John Jay Criminal College Justice The professor and former New York Police Department sergeant explained that shootings were reduced, mainly due to the surge last year.

"Last year we faced the big number. That's what leveled the shooting," he said. "But everything else is terrible. Robbery, robbery, massive theft, felony assault. We're talking about double digits in everything but murder and shooting."

"You are 1 I've lost a year. I'll never recover. It's going to be a year of 30% to 40% increase in crime. "

Police sources who have been working for 20 years mostly summer. It hasn't started and warned that there could be more shootings.

"Currently, it is not possible to actually judge the shooting," said a Manhattan police officer. "It's not a real summer yet. When we get those straight 90 degree days, I'm talking. I'll recover."