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NYPD removes 2,000 bees from New York City restaurants

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New York City restaurants were crowded on weekends as well as human guests.

The NYPD beekeeper (NYPD beekeeper) was called to a restaurant in Times Square on Sunday and about 2,000 bees settled near the seating area. NYPD news. 

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"NYPD Bee is a restaurant He was called to safely remove 2,000 bees from the seating area and stands at the crossroads of the world. " 

About 2,000 bees swarmed a restaurant in New York City's Times Square on Sunday. 

About 2,000 animals in a restaurant in New York Times Square in New York City on Sunday when bees flocked.  (NYPD)

NYPD beekeepers were called to the scene and safely removed the bees on Sunday.

A NYPD beekeeper was called to the scene and safely removed the bees on Sunday. (NYPD)

The bees were relocated to an undisclosed location, according to NYPD News. 

According to NYPD News, the bees have been moved to a private location.  (NYPD)

"[Bee] will be moved to an area where the hay fever [sic] skill can be used effectively. "NYPD News has been added. 

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It is unknown exactly where the bees were.

NYPD sic has been busy for the past few weeks.

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They were called to a building near the World Trade Center earlier this month. Here,8,000 bees were swarming in.

These bees were also safely removed and moved to a private apple orchard, FoxNews Digital said earlier. Reported. 

In May, NYPD bee farmers migrated about15,000 bees from the Queens tree.

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