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NYPD retirees say police are "sick" and leave a lot of people in search of "more environmentally friendly meadows" over awakened policies.

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A retired NYPD detective called for a "more environmentally friendly meadow" on Tuesday over asoft-on-climb policywhere police officers affected police and public safety as a whole. He warned that he was leaving the army. 

Jason Caputo participated in "Fox&Friends First" to discuss the impact of the "awakened" policy on police and why many are sacrificing pensions.

"I actually went to other departments, just trained by NYPD and headed to the green meadows for more money, or don't help you at all this I saw it not a type of government, "Caputo told Ashley Strohmier, co-host of

New York City is not NYPD worthy, the best police in the world

"In fact, people are fed up with this job," he continued. "The more I talk to the people in the office, the more they talk to the police, they don't seem to think this job was what I expected. People in my position ... this is not the job I participated in. When we were police, we were there when it happened. We were working ... our boss helped us and our city gave us Assisted and the state assisted us.

NYPD officers respond to the scene of a shooting that left multiple people injured in the Flatbush neighborhood of the Brooklyn borough on April 06, 2021 in New York City. 

NYPD officers react to the shooting scene left. On April 6, 2021, several people were injured in the Flatbush district of Brooklyn, New York City.  (Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images)

According to data from the NYPD Pension Fund, 1,236 officers retired in 2020 and 1,064 in 2021. 

So far in 2022, 1,472 executives have already retired. 

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"In the last few years, it's an unmanageable approach to policing," he said. "Police officers know the risks about their careers, their future, their families, as well as their families, because you can be sued at any time and no work happens, so in fact I don't really want to reach out to people, if they have something about it, I really support you, you did one wrong thing. "

"So there will be a lot of police officers who don't want to reach out or actually interact with people," he continued. "They endangered themselves as well as the general public."

Violent crimes are on the rise in various cities this year, surpassing last year's bloody statistics. Some cities have. In the city of New York,surged by 25.8%so far in 2022. 

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