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An off-duty officer running for Rhode Island Senator was charged with beating a political rival in an abortion-rights rally

(CNN)Rhode Island Democratic Senator candidate Jennifer Luke hits a Republican opposition police officer in the face. Was done. Obligation-Luke told CNN in his statement on Friday night during a pregnancy rights rally at the State Capitol in Providence.

Rourke said that "when Republican opposition Jeann Lugo hit me on the face many times," the situation with the rebels was exacerbated.

The incident was captured in a video. This seems to indicate that Roke was beaten in his face during the protest, and almost immediately afterwards, into a quarrel.

Lugo was charged with simple assault and chaotic behavior after crouching on Saturday afternoon, Rhode Island police Eric Yagnar told CNN.

"After the demonstration, the Rhode Island Police Department and the Providence Police Department received complaints of physical assault during the demonstration. A joint investigation between the two agencies resulted in a Providence Police Patrolman. Was identified in a statement by Rhode Island Police, who was arrested by state police Afidabit for 35-year-old Jean Lugo and issued an arrest warrant on charges of simple assault and chaotic behavior. I did. "

Providence police said in a statement on Saturday, "We criminally investigated the behavior of off-duty police officers during a protest against a woman being assaulted last night. I have. " .. The police officer worked for three years and took paid leave this morning while waiting for a criminal investigation and administrative review. The
division confirmed in a later tweet that Lugo was "the off-duty officer involved in this case."

Lugo said in a tweet currently unavailable that he would resign from the state Senate race.

"I won't run for any office this fall," Lugo said. His Twitter account is no longer available.

CNN contacted the Providence Police Brothers Order to ask about the possibility of Lugo's statutory agent, but did not receive a reply on Saturday night.

"This kind of political violence is exactly why people like me don't run for public office. Working class candidates and black and brown candidates are threatened with violence across the country. I'm facing, "Roke, a black man, said in her statement.

Authorities said the other two were arrested at the rally.

Video shows alleged assault

The video taken by Bill Bartholomew and shared with CNN was Lugo's abortion and the then State Senate. It seems to indicate the moment when he hit the senator-rights gather on Friday night.

Rourke spoke at a rally hosted by the WOMXN project. Rourke is a board member of the group. The

incident occurred after a man livestreaming an event was surrounded by rally participants who asked him to leave. Rourke can be seen in a video asking a man to leave in a pink shirt.

Suddenly, a man in a green jacket hit a man who was livestreaming a rally next to his head. Participants in the rally immediately come to help the beaten man and push him away in a green jacket.

In the chaos, the video seems to show Lugo confronting Roke and hitting her face with her right hand before returning.

Rourke submitted a report to Providence Police on Friday night and to Rhode Island Police on Saturday morning. She was seen at a local hospital and she told CNN in her statement that she had a headache and had tinnitus from her punches.

Mayor of Providence Jorge Errolza called the case "very uneasy" after he said he had watched the video.

"Unfortunately, there is a limit to what can be said publicly because of LEOBOR (Bill of Rights of Law Enforcement Officers). That said, I have seen the video and it is very I'm worried. The person in charge will be completely liable. " The mayor said in atweet.