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Officers were killed and several others were shot dead in response to a domestic incident at Kentucky's house

A man shot and killed at least one Kentucky police officer after barricading himself in a home on Thursday night.
After hiding at home on Thursday night, he shot and killed a Kentucky police officer. Christopher Sadowsky

At least one police officer died when a man barricaded in Kentucky's house And a few more were injured. I fired on Thursday.

The deputy sheriff was trying to respond to an emergency protection order arising from a domestic conflict at his home in Floyd County around 5 pm. According to the local news stationWMDJFM, when the suspect immediately started shooting them from inside the house.

At that point two police officers were beaten and fired,LEX18 reported.

The trial quickly turned into an active shooter and hostage situation as a male suspect barricaded himself in the house with his wife and daughter and continued to drop bullets at the corresponding officers. It has been changed.

An agent asked for backup, and several agencies, including state police, nearby county police, and the SWAT team, responded.

The standoff lasted nearly five hours and ended with police detention of the suspect, WMDJ reported. His wife and daughter were unharmed.

Several police officers from various agencies were shot dead and rushed to a local hospital. A total of four to six police officers were shot dead, according to local reports.

Mountain Top News reports that an agent at the Floyd County Sheriff's Office went to a railroad street house to submit documents to the suspect. I am. As they approach the house, they say they have a fire.

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One officer, Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt, told LEX18.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the sheriff's office described the case as "fatal" but did not provide details about the fatalities.