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Ohio police officer on paid leave after the deadly shooting of Jayland Walker

(CNN)After the police chase ended with shooting, an unknown number of police officers in Ohio state until the investigation was conducted. I was put on a paid administrative leave. The death of Jayland Walker on Monday.

Acron police officers tried to stop a person who was later identified as a walker in a traffic violation around 12:30 am on Monday, but the driver tried to stop it. I didn't, in a statement posted on Facebookby theagency.

A chase was taken and police said the vehicle fired at the policeman during the chase.

After chasing the vehicle for "a few minutes", the department slowed down while the person was still moving, escaped from the vehicle, led the policeman to "track the foot", and ended up in the parking lot. Stated.

"By the actions of the suspect, the police recognized that he posed a deadly threat to them. In response to this threat, the police fired a firearm and beat the suspect," police said. Said the statement.

Walker died from multiple shots on his face, abdomen, and upper limbs,CNN-affiliated WEWS reportedby media partner Akron Beacon Journal. I quoted the survey results.

The journal, which was allowed to review the investigation worksheet at the Inspector's Office, said, "When the inspector arrives at the shooting site, Walker is observed lying on his back and hand-locked. ""

According to a statement from Mayor Dan Holrigan's office, Sunday city officials will release body camera footage in connection with the incident.

The footage will be displayed and reviewed on Sunday afternoon and will be open to the public after the news conference, city spokesperson Stephanie Marsh told CNN in an email.

The city's police chief also met with members of Walker's family before the press conference and said, "We will give them the opportunity to review the footage in front of the media and the general public."

The Summit County Medical Inspector's Office did not publish the death record to CNN, but Walker's death is considered "a secret law enforcement investigation record after being sentenced to murder." "It was confirmed.

Holigan and police chief Steve Milletissued a joint statement on Wednesday, saying, "Police officers do not want to release military weapons during their duties. I know that. A day for our city, the families of the people involved, and the officers. "

" Tragically, we faced a young man again and in front of him. Life was too early, "continued the joint statement. "Every life is precious and the loss of life will have an absolutely devastating impact on our entire community. Our prayers are on Jayland Walker's loved ones and we know him. We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to all who are. Our thoughts are also in our Akron police officers and their families. "

Horrigan and Mylett also in a statement. , Said that police body camera footage and detailed information about what happened will be released "next day."

According to a police statement, the police officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave until an investigation is conducted by the main criminal unit of the Akron Police Department and the Ohio Criminal Investigation Bureau.