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ACLU, an Oklahoma protester, challenges the anti-protest law

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Six Oklahomashave filed two federal proceedings against state law to crack down on protesters. They also claim that civil rights were violated when they were arrested in Oklahoma City in 2020.

The protest law is unconstitutionally widespread and ambiguous, according to one of the proceedings filed Thursday in the US District Court in Oklahoma City. On behalf of the Associated State's Sincere Terry, Mia Hogset, Tylerke Baker, Preston Neighbors, Trevor Webb, and Austin Mack.

"By far beyond the very limited and narrow exceptions to the First Amendment to the First Amendment to Freedom of Speech, to thenonviolent protestersin the Constitution. It imposes criminal liability for exercising protected rights, in speech and meetings. " According to a lawsuit appointing State Attorney General John O'Connor and Oklahoma District Attorney David Prater.

Plea of ​​shooting at Sergeant Austin, who pleaed murder in 2020. Police investigators agree

O'Connor did not immediately respond to the request for comment. Prater, nominated in both proceedings, stated that he had not been in either proceeding.

"We will file a proper petition in federal court when served," Prater said.

6 Oklahoma natives have claimed their civil rights were violated following their arrest at a 2020 protest in Oklahoma City.

6 Oklahoma indigenous people protest in 2020 in Oklahoma City ..

A law was passed in 2021 to crack down on protesters by blocking roads and immunizing drivers who kill or injure riots. This was one of a series of proposals for Republican support across the country aimed at cracking down on protesters.

Proponents urged primarily as a result of a pickup truck driving through a crowd gathered on the Tulsa Interstate in 2020 while protesting the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Said it was done. After falling from the overpass, several people were injured, including those who were paralyzed from the waist down.

The driver was not charged after the district attorney said people in the crowd were throwing things into the car.

In the second proceeding, Oklahoma City's Platter and his police station were in plaintiff's constitutional law after a confrontation withpolice officerwhile the protesters were painting the mural. Claims to have infringed the rights. A street outside the department's headquarters.

Plaintiff protests in front of Kavanaug's house after being arrested for threatening to kill Kavanaug

"Plaintiff ... according to the proceedings seeking orders, the defendants were targeted or harassed by protesters of racial justice so that plaintiffs and others were free to engage in the basic rights laid down in the Constitution. Order to refrain from doing.

Five of the six were charged with inciting the riot and later pleaded guilty to misdemeanor for interfering with police officers.

Initially, the sixth Mac was accused of intimidating riots, but was withdrawn after he was determined not to participate in the conflict. It is unreasonable for Mac to seek an arrest warrant. And claims to beracially discriminatory.

City spokesman Christie Jaeger refused to comment on the proceedings in dispute.

Both proceedings seek attorneys' costs, costs, and costs in addition to the unspecified "nominal" amount of damages.

Devon Tower climber in Oklahoma City, known as the "Pro Life Spider-Man" currently in custody, police