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Olivia Newton-John 'defied all odds' before dying, says best friend Jane Seymour: 'She wasn't afraid'

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Jane Seymour knew that when she learned of Olivia Newton-John's death, she was "devastated" and "was on the decline for a while." The "extraordinary" spirit of her best friend.

Seymour told her Fox News Digital EXCLUSIVELY. The waves of emotion ebb and flow like the tides in Malibu, and we've watched countless sunsets together while raising kids and maintaining a career in front of the camera. She's spent the last few days "crying her eyes out" as "all the memories rushed back" from her last 50 years of friendship.  

"I realized she was a unique friend. I have friends, but I don't like her in my life," Seymour said. . "I remember our conversation and her smile very clearly. And the fact that she wasn't afraid to pass, I don't think. She just didn't want to miss out on life."

Grammy Award-winning Australian singer , who starred in the American classic film "Grease," died on Monday. 30 years.

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Jane Seymour and Olivia Newton-John were best friends for more than 50 years. Pictured in 2019.

Jane Seymour and Olivia Newton-John have been best friends for over 50 years. did. (Fraser Harrison)

We had a really deep and wonderful conversation. ''

Seymour's father, the doctor who gave birth to Olivia's sister Ronna's baby, first sent her to Newton for her career when Seymour moved to the United States to pursue her acting career. Introduced to Johns. She joked that she "didn't know who Olivia Newton-John was" when her father moved out, and that while Olivia toured and sang around the world, she briefly I started living with Rona. 

"She was very busy and always nice, but she remembers one day when her first child, Katie, was born some 41 years ago. ', said Seymour. "She was living in Malibu at the time and asked us to come visit. I let her hold my baby. She just held Katie in her arms and looked at me.

When Seymour's daughter was born in 1982, Seymour's daughter was already famous as the Bond girl solitaire in the Tony Award-winning film I Want to Die on Broadway. She won a Golden Globe Award for her role in the plays 'Amadeus' and 'East of Eden'. 

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She gave a straight answer to her friend. love this little creature

Soon after, Newton-John became pregnant with her daughter, Chloe, who "became very good friends" with Seymour's son Sean. Sean and Chloe ended up working together as adults on one of Chloe's music videos. Seymour recalled that it was "really cute" for Jane and Olivia to see their children "working together professionally" over the years.

Olivia Newton-John and Jane Seymour had "wonderful conversations" and connected on a deeper level. Seen in 2004.

Olivia Newton-John and Jane Seymour We had a great conversation.” and we connect on a deeper level. Seen in 2004.(Victor Spinelli)

Olivia Newton-John with Jane Seymour outside a theater, circa 1970

Olivia Newton-John and Jane Seymour, outside the theater, c.1970 (Art Zelin)

Olivia Newton-John was remembered for her "extraordinary" spirit by her best friend Jane Seymour. Seen in 1992

Olivia Newton-John was reminded of her "extraordinary" spirit by her close friend Jane Seymour. Seen in 1992 (Ron Galella, Ltd.)

``We trusted each other implicitly. I was like a person," she said. "We both liked working hard, but we also knew that family was everything. We had a lot in common." 

They had "long conversations about life and death," each lost their mother, and Newton-John's sister Rona died of progressive brain cancer in 2013. She was married to Olivia's "Grease" partner Rona. - star Jeff Conaway, five years before divorcing in 1985. Conaway died in 2011.

Olivia Newton-John dies at age 73

Her friendship with Newton-John, an interstellar who had a 'strong heart', was much like many of the relationships Olivia had, simply because of her kind-hearted personality. 

"When she had a friend who was being treated for cancer or was still being treated for cancer, she tried to find the right doctor for her, to ask for their help. , I went looking for my way, a kind of alternative medicine to help them," she said. 

Seymour had several chances to safely visit the "I honestly love you" singer before she died. There was some confusion about the day and location, but Newton-John helped me prepare for one visit in February. "She really should have been in bed."

Olivia Newton-John and Jane Seymour worked together in the entertainment industry for decades. Pictured in 2005

What are Olivia Newton-John and Jane Seymour? entertainment industry for decades. Photo by 2005 (M. Caulfield)

Chloe Lattanzi and John Easterling supported Olivia Newton-John at her annual benefit for cancer research and wellness center in Melbourne, Australia. 

Chloe Lattanzi and John Easterling supported Olivia Newton-John with an annual grant for the Cancer Research and Wellness Center in Melbourne, Australia.  (Sam Tabone)

Olivia Newton-John was the ex-wife of her boyfriend Patrick McDermott Disappeared in 2005

said. "But I used to feel… a few years ago when she was incredibly frail and on a lot of painkillers. 175} "We were all amazed. Restored and regained quality of life. It was amazing. She defied all odds." I didn't want to just say, 'So they kept in touch by phone or video call. Her fight, Seymour recalled. "She tried to be very independent. She still wanted to prove she could walk, she wanted to prove she could do things...she was adamant that she wanted to do it for as long as she could."

Seymour recalled that Newton-John's daughter and husband "never left" her side. "It was so lovely. I know how much it meant to Olivia that Chloe was there," she said. She has sold 4 Grammy Awards, 67 singles, and 100 million records worldwide, making her one of the best-selling artists of all time, in addition to her leading role.Alongside John Travolta in "Grease," Seymour wanted her best friend to remember her for helping the community live and fight cancer, she said. .

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Olivia Newton-John and daughter Chloe Lattanzi were fiercely close and protective over each other. Pictured in 2016.

I was protecting (Paul Redmond)

Actors John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John embrace in a promotional still for the film, 'Grease,' directed by Randal Kleiser, 1978. 

Actors John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John hug in a promotional still for the 1978 film Grease, directed by Randall Kleiser.  (Paramount Pictures/Fotos International)

Olivia Newton John Cancer Wellness& Research Center (ONJ Centre), Austin Hospital, Melbourne, Australia was opened in June 2012. I can finally share with you the fulfillment of a dream that began 20 years ago on my own cancer journey. I am humbled to know that many people care so much about my vision and have shared my vision.

Seymour was on a business trip to the area at one point and made sure to visit the hospital. She later called her friend to tell her how "unbelievable" and "amazing" the medical center had become.

"I can't remember how long it's been, but one day she called me and said, 'You can't believe I'm here,'" said Seymour. rice field. "And I said, 'Where are you?' She said, "I am at my hospital in Melbourne." 

Newton-John continued to Seymour, "'No, I am here. actually being hospitalized as a patient...and i really didn't mean to be here as a patient but now i have to say i'm really proud of what we've done here "' 

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