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Olivia Newton-John's 'Desperately Dedicated To You' is the cornerstone of 'Grease'

Dame Olivia Newton-John died this morningat the age of 73. British-born Australian singer, actress and activist Known for the popular 80's hit "Physical" and the cult classicXanadu, the 1978 movie musicalGrease { He was most famous for playing the good girl Sandy in 12}.Her Sandy's most iconic moment comes from the end of the movie. She transformed herself into a Greaser and won her bad boy's love interest, Danny (John Travolta). It's a moment of self-confidence and sensuality. This means that Sundi is ready to go with Danny all the time. But when you think of Olivia Newton-John andGrease, the scene that immediately comes to her mind is a quieter and sadder scene. Olivia Newton-John and her gorgeous ballad "Hopelessly Devoted to You" can work together to giveGreasean emotional connection and make a weird and wild movie bigger.

Greaseis the story of teenagers Sandy and Danny in the 1950s. They met in the summer before their third year of high school and have a romance on the idyllic beach. But they think their romance is over because the summer is over (and Sundi's family has to return to Australia). The twist is that if you can say that, you'll find that Sundi's family stays in America and she's in the same high school as Danny.

So Danny and Sandy should have a happy ending, right? Sandy was unaware that Danny was the de facto leader of the Greaser group called Thunderbirds in the world of Leidel High School. When cheerleader Sundi reunites with her love, he is surprised and devoted to becoming his own worst version. He plays peacocks for his friends and targets Sandy for rude jokes. This sends the devastated Sundi into the arms of her one friend Frenchie (Didi Conn) and her best friend Pink Ladies.

While sleeping with a pink woman, Sandy went out with her virgin white nightie and was in trouble. Sing the ballad. to you. "As the title suggests, this song is about Sundi's timeless love for Danny. The song laments her affectionate state, saying," The Guess Mine isn't the first pain. " It starts with cooling. Then everything erupts. When Newton John belts the chorus, the strings explode triumphantly. Ironically, both tragic and victorious tones confirm that she is "desperately devoted" to Danny. The girl simply can't move on.

"Hopelessly Devoted to You" is a beautifully tortured song in the middle of a soundtrack full of fun bangers. "Tell Me More" is as mature and complex as it is in second grade. Its placement in the story marks the end of the first act, which is important. Until now, the power of the connection between Sundi and Danny has never been truly understood. What was once positioned as a summer flapping, now feels like a soulmate situation. It's all thanks to "love but sadness" and, more importantly, Newton John's performance.

Olivia Newton-John's vocals have a purity that symbolically reflects the sweet nature of Sundi and amplifies the meaning of the song. A performance that seems to be perfectly structured, revealing the whirlpools of passion that lie beneath the façade of Sundi's "Sandra Dee." Without this gorgeous and nuanced performance by Newton John,Greasehas no emotional weight. In addition, Sundi's final Greaser girl makeover feels like the whole of her face. That hot-blooded, tight-pants woman who popped her hips at the trade fair was always present in Sundi. This song-and how she abandons her chorus and mourns-proves it.

Olivia Newton-John survives her legacy just because she was able to walk the tightrope between the pure and the passionate. I'm a performer. She was very good at "love but sadness".