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On Independence Day, Biden seeks project optimism

US Presidents Joe Byden and First Lady Gil Byden celebrate July 4th on Monday, and polls show that most Americans are political, with the country heading in the wrong direction. Providing a message of optimism and unity when believing that polarization is of utmost concern.

"America is always on the move and is constantly becoming an ongoing task," said Byden at the BBQ celebration of the military family's independence anniversary at the White House with First Lady. I said together. "Progress. Forward movement. Creation of possibilities, fulfillment of promises," he added.

U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks during an Independence Day celebration on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, July 4, 2022.
US President Joe Byden celebrates independence in the South Make a statement during the celebration July 4, 2022, the lawn of the White House in Washington.

Byden admitted that Americans are struggling under the country's high inflation, but suggested that a better day would come. ..

"Our economy is growing, but it's not painless," he said.

Americans are increasingly pessimistic about the economy. In aAP-NORC pollreleased Wednesday, 79% said the economy was poor, including 90% of Republicans and 67% of Democrats.

Overall, according to a survey, 85% of American adults say the country is heading in the wrong direction. This includes 92% of Republicans and 78% of Democrats. This is the highest number of Democrats since Byden took office.

"After hard work to lay the foundation for a better future, the worst of our past happened and occasionally brought us back," said the US Supreme Court recently. Alluding to his decision, Byden said. To overturn the federal constitutional right of women to abort.

"That freedom has diminished and the rights we assumed we were protected to are no longer there," he said, "an ongoing battle for the American soul." I called it a reminder.

The ruling abolishes almost half a century of the Supreme Court's precedent, but conservative judge Samuel Arito says that the long-standing principle of adhering to the precedent is "not a strict jacket." "It's terribly wrong and terribly damaging," Roe said. "

" I know it can be exhausting and annoying, "Biden said. .. "But tonight, know we're trying to overcome all of this."

According to a Reuters / Ipsossurvey released Wednesday, Byden's own party Democratic Americans are becoming more and more dissatisfied with the Supreme Court's decision to abort, with 62% of Democrats heading in the wrong direction, up from 49% last week. The level of dissatisfaction with the Republican Party has dropped to 86%, slightly lower than 94% a week ago.

According to the latest FiveThirtyEight / Ipsos survey, Biden mobilizes Americans as polarization ranks third in the overall list of 20 issues that are of utmost concern to Americans. I tried.

"It has been tested before, just as it is tested today," he said. "But I have never failed because I have never left the core beliefs and promises that define this country."

The first couple later fired from the balcony of their dwelling. I saw the exhibition, under which hundreds of military families and administrative staff enjoyed the show from the white house lawn blankets and picnic tables.

Another mass shooting

Celebration of Independence Day in the United States was held on Monday at a parade in the Midwestern city of Highland Park in Illinois. Was hurt by the shooting of. At least 6 people died.

Byden did not mention shooting directly in his remarks.

"I heard what happened today," he said. "But every day we remember that nothing is guaranteed about our democracy. Nothing is guaranteed about our way of life. We have to fight for it. No. "

Late in the evening, he led a brief moment of silence in honor of the victim.

"They have identified individuals," Biden said. "They haven't mentioned their names, and I'm not going to do that now."

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a man named Robert E. Climo III who is interested in shooting. He said he was supporting the authorities in his search.

A gun battle broke out in 30,000 cities about 40 kilometers north of Chicago, just 10 minutes after the parade began around 10 am on Monday. According to police, 30 others were hospitalized after the shooting.