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"One of the most important stories of our lives:" Analysis of media coverage of the Roe v. Wade case

New York (CNN)The overthrow of the Roe v. Wade case is "one of the most important stories of our lives." Brian Stelter, CNN's chief media correspondent, said in a "reliable source" on Sunday.

However, in 1973, the day after the decision was made, the main headline of many major newspapers was the death of former President Lindon B. Johnson. Susan Matthews, Slate's news director and host of the podcast "Slow Burn: Roe v. Wade," said the Supreme Court judge would be surprised to see the controversy continue today.

"The judge knew that when they announced it, what they were doing would be a big deal," Matthews said. ""

And while this story now dominates the headline, Republican strategist Sara Longwell responded from a vote of a Republican woman who was fascinated by the importance of abortion in life. I found.

When asking free-form questions about the issues that matter most to them, few women specifically mentioned their right to reproduction instead of raising economics and health care as their primary concerns. did. But when Longwell digs deeper and asks women directly about the abolition of Law, they see that even many anti-abortion respondents are trying to regulate the government's overkill and their bodies. He said he was wary of things.

"If it can't be a matter of high prominence, it's not a kind of headache for many of these voters," Longwell said.

Planned parent-child relationships help patients navigate their rights. According to Google's search trends, women in the Red States are increasingly wondering where and how they can get an abortion service.

"I don't think there have been any major earthquake changes in the way health care is delivered following this Supreme Court ruling," said Planned Parenthood's senior director and former CBS reporter for news content.

Some argue that the agency has "prejudice" on the issue of abortion and overwhelmingly supports women's right to achieve abortion safely.

But Matthews said the main thing to remember is that abortion support is consistent and the majority of Americans want secure access to abortion care. .. A few Americans who are fiercely opposed to abortion are trying to make their views a dominant story.

Therefore, on the split screen of a television news program, one is celebrating the end of the Roe v. Wade case and the other is protesting, which can be misleading.

In this week's CBS poll, only 9% of Americans said abortion should be illegal in all situations.

"Still, there are states that do exactly that," Smith said. "Before Roe's decision, I saw Oklahoma pass a ban on abortion during fertilization. That is, how many Americans agree with it? That's ridiculous."

Longwell said she was a Republican "for a long time", but has seen the party evolve during the Donald Trump era.

"Democratic missions will widely prosecute these Republicans for their extremist cases, as they are out of step with the average person." Said Longwell.