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A year after the collapse of surfside, the victims' families are still fighting for answers

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A year ago today, one of the most deadlystructural failures in US history killed 98 peopleJune 24, 2021, Surf, Florida The side apartment has partially collapsed. A year later, investigators and their families are still struggling to figure out why.

"It took more than two weeks for my sister Nicky to recover," said Martin Langesfeld, who lost her sister in the collapse of Bill. "We wake up every day, so we don't sleep much at first. Every day, we hope that our loved ones are alive and that we are notified that someone is alive. I never came for it. It was a few weeks of pain and unanswered questions. "

Martin Langesfeld said when the apartment building suddenly collapsed. Lost his only sister, NickyNicky Langesfeld moved to the building just months before the disaster. The 26-year-old lawyer moved to the surfside with her husband, Luis Sadobunick, in January 2021, shortly after her wedding. Just half a year later, the couple died together in the collapse of the building.

"She was a lawyer and she lived her life for justice. She wanted the truth," Martin said.

Surfside Condominium Collapse: Body Camera Video from Initial Response Released:

The partially collapsed Champlain Towers South residential building is demolished in Surfside, Fla., July 4, 2021. 

The partially collapsed Champlain Towers South Residential Building was demolished on July 4, 2021 in Surfside, Florida. It was.  (REUTERS / Marco Bello / File photo)

Martin Langesfeld was with his father Pablo Langesfeld last year. I've been fighting for an answer. TheLangesfeld familyhas not started the process of grief because there are so many unanswered questions.

"It's been a year ... and I've never seen so many sunrises in my life. I don't sleep. I lost my baby, and my dad experienced me. You shouldn't experience what you're doing, "said Pablo Langesfeld.

"It's been a year since the country's first building collapsed, but for no apparent reason. We have no answer. What happened to the whole world? You need to know, "Martin added.

People visit a makeshift memorial for victims of the building collapse near the site of the accident in Surfside, Fla., June 27, 2021

People are temporary for the victims of building collapse Visit the Memorial, Near the Accident Site in Surfside, Florida, June 27, 2021(Getty Images)

To date, with first responders Rescue teams continue to struggleBuilding collapseHowie Lieberman was a medical manager for Florida Task Force One. 

Surfside Collapse: Water spouts into the garage before the building collapses Video:

"One year has passed It's hard to believe already, "said Lieberman. "Obviously, it's still very vivid in my memory, and it's a kind of mixed emotion. Looking back, we always have that feeling, we could have done more. Did we do something different? 

"We almost everyone knows the answer. But because we are our type and what we are doing, we always want to save everyone or everyone as much as possible.

The team searched for rubbleAfter a few weeks, few survivors were found. 

Search and rescue personnel remove remains on a stretcher as they work atop the rubble at the Champlain Towers South condominium building.

Search and rescue personnel are Champlain Towers Remove anything left on the stretcher while working on the rubble of the South Condominium Building.(AP Photo / Mark Humphrey)

"We Lieberman said," We are working as quickly as possible and brought to the site. The amount of people and resources was unrivaled. " Personally, I think it was probably the hardest day to see the family literally yelling at a pile of rubble here. You know, they are still thinking about them. It was pretty emotional. It's still up to today.

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Damage since the family collapse More than 20 of them filed proceedings, accusing building staff and condominium committees of ignoring structural damage. The investigation is expected to take years, but the judge approved over $ 1 billion in compensation settlements for the victims on Thursday.

 "I want an answer. I want to hold someone accountable. They need to know why it happened so that the building doesn't collapse on their own. Something It's funny. "

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