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Opinion: Who killed the republic? Not Donald Trump

Diane McWhorter is the author of "CarryMeHome". Her views expressed here are her own. Read more of heropinionabout CNN.

(CNN)Last week's January 6th Commission emergency hearing probably went beyond your heart-die, Donald Trump. Former Presidentwill not escape it this time-and in addition, the election denial finallygot some delightfrom GOP voters in the vote. But before you exhale to the end, check out thecountry's favorite state of Belweather. Team Normal defeated Team Coup in the Republican final of Senator Alabama, which was vacated by Senator Richard Shelby last month.

Diane McWhorter
Diane McWhorter
Shelby is a classic antrump, old-fashioned conservative is. He has been a Senator for 36 years and his presumed successor is his former staff chief. However, the"Christian conservative"path that his mentee led to victory revealed the injuries that Republicans like Shelby had done to the country, if not God. More than Trump, it is they who have to answer about the death of our republic if it comes. In
, how did Katie Britt (or RINO in today's curve, a name-only Republican), a 40-year-old Rotary Republican lawyer in the reddest state, rout a candidate?Advertise yourself as"MAGAMo" Brooks. He was furious at the "Save America" ​​rallyon January 6th, wearing Kevlarunder a windbreaker that matched the traditional black and gold ofProudBoys. was. sought the president's forgiveness from the retiringTrump administration.
Trump withdrew Brooks' initial support, explaining that Brooks then rejected the former President's order to the Byden administration to "cancel" the election results. Then, after Brit requested Dr. Anthony Forch'sinvestigation,made a pilgrimage to "President Trump's Wall" and called theabortion a "murder." I was surprised.Trump Of course, if she went ahead in her poll, she gave her his support.

The world of trampists inherited by emerging young politicians like Brit has a lot of responsibility, some of which are blue. (She faces useless opposition to democracy in November.) But often, in Donald Trump's obsession with personal malignancy, he before his condition became civilally systematic. Tends to give a pass to those institutional players who may have contained.

Shelby (former Democrat), Charles Glasley, Roybrandt, and especially the Senate Republicans on the roster to Mitch McConnell, get to know better away from the crazy cult. I was an adult. But when they were asked to fulfill their constitutional pledge in two accusations instead of one, they did nothing.

How should these politicians feel now that the Ukrainian President, who refused to punish Trump for knee-capping, has become Winston Churchill in our time?

It has endured years of normalization of anomalies, but in the current election season, as a result,is enshrined in. Normal is taboo. Therefore, Brit could not afford to admit routine rituals in American life, as has been done every four years since 1789. A presidential election was held and the results were justified. NBC reporters easily pierced her anti-theft mantra, saying that ifwas in the Senate, she would haveopposed proof of President Joe Byden's victory. I was allowed to admit it. } Did not
Britalso said thatwould vote for Trump if he ran in 2024. January 6 Windbreaker. (Parliamentarians emailed via the Communications Director, not knowing what the "guessed" color of the Proud Boys was, "10 years while my wife and I were celebrating our anniversary in Bermuda. I bought the windbreaker earlier, "he said." It seems that he happened to be in his office closet on January 6th.)
Anyway, at the hearing on January 6th last week. Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony helped explain why Brooks wore body armor. Weaponized"American Patriots."

In their stoic grandeur, the panel's agenda seems to be aimed at a single goal: blaming Trump for his high crime. In our ongoing need to understand how the United States was able to create such a man's president, yet the majority of democracy still gives us another piece of evidence. If presented and his own people testify to him, his supporters want to come, and to their sense, the union can survive.

However, as William Faulkner warned in Life magazine 66 years ago, the idea we now call MAGA is unaffected by reasons and consequences. The novelist's 1956 "North Letter" opposes "forced integration" in the south (he also opposes "forced racial inequality". "Was") warned that his area would never change "by the simple will of the majority of the people backed by legal orders."
North, the civil war to the south Seemed to have taught that he was wrong. But Southerners, including Robert E. Lee, "already knew he was wrong," Falkner wrote. Similarly, the January 6 hearing was held with strict utmost care, so Donald Trump and his men and women were not only wrong in what they were doing, but also Hutchinson's oath. According to the testimony, I knew that it could contain "all possible crimes". "The riot has also progressed.
The Zeitgeist explained by Falkner may explain why our liberal from Alabama seems to be succumbing to the mild madness of low expectations. Hmm. A democratic strategist there who knows Brit confided to me: "Hopefully she can go back to who she is, not who she is. The smaller evil charm gave a group of democratic women a fleeting moral conundrum when Brit asked her more radical major enemies to stand with her. .. But in reality, MAGA scammers aren't worse for the country than MAGA followers, and like the trumpistwho helped to overturn the will of the majority of America, to the Supreme Court. Like his appointed person, he is more capable.
Nevertheless. UncontrollableCharlie Brownin me hoped that Shelby might see Legacy Gimmie in a vote to confirm Ketangi Brown Jackson in court. Once again, it wouldn't cost him anything-his approval wouldn't have been definitive-and the approval of the accusations that were as overlooked as the judgment of Judge Jim Crow, each of which was pure white.Still, Shelby voted against Republicans like Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham now struggled not to claim it-Judge Jackson "likes what's happening in children's porn"
Behind the scenes In the Fifth Parliamentary District of Alabama, there is a military-industrial complex where he offered a luxurious federal aerospace and defense contract. This sent Brooks to Washington, where he chewed the hands of the "great government" that supplied it. A local monument to Senator's strong career is theShelby Center for Science and Technologyat Alabama Huntsville University. This building is best known as the scene of the2010 mass shooting. In this scene, biology professor Amy Bishop refused to serve, pulled a semi-automatic pistol out of her wallet during a faculty meeting, and executed three colleagues (she pleaded guilty to{106). }, I have been sentenced to life).
In a recently signed bipartisan gun safety bill, Shelbyvoted againstandleft A + NRA's rating bloodless.
Shelby's presumed successor is, of course, the "God-given second modification" champion, but she is also as "Mission Mom". Sell ​​yourself to future Senator Brit. Our children should be taught to love this country. "-An exceptional country where our children die at school desks to protect our freedom.