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More than 100 Georgia Sheriffs Condemn Stacey Abrams in Relation to "Police Defense" Foundation

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More than 100 sheriffs in Peach blame Stacey Abrams, a candidate governor for the Democratic Party of Georgia, for his relationship with law enforcement agencies' funding and a foundation that supports "crime-vulnerable policies." Did.

102 Georgia Sheriff joined Republican Governor Brian Kemp in a press release on Monday, blasting Abrams over a relationship with the Margaret Casey Foundation.

The Marguerite Casey Foundation is a Seattle-based grant that called for the abolition of police. Abrams endorsed an expanded anti-police initiative from the group shortly after joining the board.

Stacey Abrams serves as a board member and is the governor of the Foundation supporting # ABOLISHTHEPOLICE

Stacey Abrams, Democratic gubernatorial candidate for Georgia, has come under fire for her board service for a group that wants to defund the police. 

Georgia's Democratic Governor candidate Stacey Abrams reimburses police ..  ( Elijah Nouvelage / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Kemp's press release with Sheriff is Defund the Police A soft-on-climb policy move and support that puts Georgia's families at risk for condemning Abrams' "role" in its advancement.

Sheriff wrote that Kemp and his family stood in solidarity with them during his first governor term, and the governor "employed and retained more officers in the profession." It helps to increase penalties for criminals, keep the streets of Georgia safe, and prevent fraudulent local governments from robbing police of important money and resources. "

" In contrast, Stacy Abrams has repeatedly shown complete contempt for law enforcement agencies and the daily risks that threaten our lives to serve the community, "they continued.

"Mr. Abrams is profitable by actively participating in the board of anti-police organizations that openly advocate the abolition of prisons and the deprivation of funding from local police stations." , A group of 102 sheriffs wrote. ..

Law enforcement leaders said Abrams "supports the proposal to return criminals to trafficking and clear the criminal record," said a former state legislator{48. } Pointed out the lack of. Vote forin the "Law for Trafficking in Persons".

GEORGIA GOV. Brian Kemp calls on Stacey Abrams to resign from the radical "Defund the Police" Foundation

Vote for Abrams' Sex Trafficking Bill The failure waspoints. The battle between her and Kemp in the first match in the 2018 election.

"These policies and Ms. Abrams' role in defending them endanger Georgia law enforcement officers and the communities in which we serve," the sheriff wrote. "In these uncertain times, it is important for our profession that Georgia leaders stand firmly behind law enforcement men and women who keep Georgia families safe."

Governor Brian Kemp called on Abrams to resign from the Marguerite Casey Foundation. The foundation has repeatedly called for defunding the police.

Governor Brian Kemp asks Abrams to resign from Margaret Casey Foundation. The Foundation has repeatedly sought funding from the police. (Reuters / Dustin Chambers)

Sheriff with Kemp, calling on Abrams to "deny the dangerous policies she supports." We thanked him for his support from the administration.

Abrams campaign spokesperson Alex Floyd told Fox News Digital that Abrams "does not support police financing, builds community trust, promotes law enforcement accountability, and promotes law enforcement accountability. We have been helping to invest in law enforcement for many years. "

"The Foundation Bylaws prohibit board members from approving, supporting, or disagreeing with potential grants, all of which are determined by staff," Floyd said. "The grant does not reflect or change Stacy's views."

The Sheriffs CoalitionKemp was followed by the Anti-Police Foundation last Thursday{ I called on Abrams to resign 95}.

"Her campaign may be trying to fill her past, but Abrams' records are abundantly clear everywhere," said Reagan Curcy, Deputy Communication Director for Kemp's campaign. I told Fox News Digital last week. 

The Stacey Abrams Group increased anti-police funding shortly after she joined its board and with her support.

"If she really supports law enforcement here in Georgia, she resigns from her position at the Margaret Casey Foundation and puts police officers at risk. We should deny the radical Defund the Police policy of exposing and endangering families, "McCarthy said. 

AbramsKemp's call to leave the radical anti-police groupis a number of FoxNewsDigital's calls for her involvement with the Foundation. Following the report.

Georgia's Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams is facing backlash from over 100 sheriffs in Georgia who are supporting the reelection of Gov. Brian Kemp.

Georgia Democratic Governor Stacey Abrams is above 100 Georgian sheriffs in support of the re-election of Governor Brian Kemp in the face of backlash from. (Photographer: Elijah Nouvelage / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The Margaret Casey Foundation has repeatedly expressed support for police funding and abolition,FoxNews Digital previously reported 

The group alsoprofessors and scholars advocating anti-capitalist and prison abolitionists { A view that bestowed millions on 141} .

George Soros invests $ 1 million behind Stacey Abrams' second governor election

Abrams also reported an initiative from the Foundation in support of extended anti-police,FoxNewsDigital

A few weeks after Abrams joined the group, the board of directors. The Society unanimously approved the "Answer Uprising" campaign. This initiative included increased financial support for liberal groups working on law enforcement issues.

"This latest initiative is fully supported by the Board of Directors of the Margaret Casey Foundation, which recently has seven new members, including Stacey Abrams and the President of Color of Change, Rasha Robinson. Nominated Changemaker to Board. Time of announcement said.

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The "Respond to Rebellion" initiative is another granting body that also provides support to groups demanding deprivation of budget enforcement.

The Margaret Casey Foundation has also provided a grant to theLeft Group. This includes the Black Life Movement, Black Organization Projects, Louisville Community and more. Bail fund. 

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