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Parents of deceased cyclist reject Nadler and Maloney's candidacy for Congress, champion Patel

Recently cyclist's parents were killed after being run over by a trailer on the streets of the Upper East Side is a candidate for Congress Endorsed Suraj Patel won new Congressional seats over veteran MPs Carolyn Maloney and Jerrold Nadler.

Curling, 28, her Mott mom and dad hold an emotional press conference Monday near East 85th Street, where her daughter was fatally injured on July 27. opened. A safety plan to prevent such future accidents.

Patel — who is running in the Aug. 23 Democratic primary for the 12th congressional district that occupies East and West Manhattan — supports building bike lanes on Upper East Side streets. and Maloney, who has represented the region forfor decades, has opposed it.

"Any bike lane is better than the death of her daughter," said James Mott, the smothering father of Curling.

"It's incredible in my head that I could have done it four or five years ago, but I couldn't." 

Curling "This should never happen again," said Janice Mott, the mother of .

Janice said she "absolutely" thinks that a bike lane would have saved her daughter's life.

Carling Mott
Carling Mott
Mott from her According to the surveillance video that fell, he was hit by a Citi Bike and a semi-truck.

"Of course. No question in my mind. Because my daughter was a biker. Not only did she pick up that bike, she couldn't control it," Janice said.

The Motts saw a column on bicycle safety on the website and saw Patel decided to support

"Kaling sent an angel. I would like to sincerely thank Suraj Patel for giving me the opportunity to face this tragedy head-on and start a movement," Janis Mott said.

"We believe Suraj is the leader New York City needs today to achieve our goals and New York City's goals for safe bike corridors in New York City." Losing another life is too big a price to pay," added Janice.

Carling was his Nickelodeon production manager, and many friends and colleagues were present at the press conference.

Curling Mott fell off his bicycle while heading west on East 85th Street toward Madison Avenue at approximately 10:50 am on July 27, 2017. Great Dane tractor hit his trailer, police said.

Attorney Suraj Patel
AP/Mary Altaffer

A large rig was also waiting on East Route 85 heading west. At a red light on Madison Avenue alongside Mott when the tragedy struck.

As the traffic light turned green, Mott fell off his motorcycle for unknown reasons and hit a cicada, officials said.

Mott, Weill, who lived less than a mile from the scene in Yorkville, died after he was taken to Cornell Medical Center.

Sources said the city's Department of Transportation attempted to add bike lanes to a series of Upper East Side blocks, including East 85th Street, in 2016.


The plan did not eliminate the parking spaces, but it did eliminate parking spaces at East 85, 84, 78, 77th, 68th and 67th Streets between Central Park and East End Avenues, according to DOT records.

However, the plan was met with outrage from residents who feared the changes would make Tony's enclave less safe and cause more congestion.

Recordings reveal Maloney, a Democrat whose constituency covers her entire UES, reached out to a representative from Community Board 8 to express opposition to the plan. Did.

Carling Mott citibike

She said there was a problem with this plan. rice field. The veteran congressman said in a voicemail that he would pose for the block's gorgeous private schools, including Ramaz School, Loyola School and Regis High School. Although he declined to name Maloney as a hazard to cyclists' safety, he said, " we all know who they are, we have seen them, and we all know what they are about."

"I want to make sure my daughter's memories are honored, their message is amplified, and that change is yet to come."

Maloney declined to comment. Nadler's current 10th congressional district does not include the East Side.

But following the Democratic gerrymandering debacle, the Court-assigned Special Master folded his Upper His West His Side base into Maloney's lawn on the East Side, and a new Made up the 12th congressional district. Nadler runs on his 12th CD against Maloney and Patel instead of the 10th.

Nadler was quick to comment.