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Parisian attacker Sarah Abdeslam was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole

Paris (CNN)Sara Abdeslam, believed to be the only surviving member of the group that carried out a series of deadly shootouts. A bomb attack took place in Paris in November 2015, convicted on Wednesday, and the toughest in France. It is a life without the possibility of parole.

The attack of, which ISIS claimed to be responsible for, killed 130 people outside the famous Stade de France, including bars, restaurants, concert halls, and 494. A person was injured. , The place where the soccer match was held.

Abdeslam, 32, was found guilty of all five charges. He is the fifth person in France to be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole since it was legalized in 1994.

Abdeslam was one of the 20 people on trial, but France has seen it in peacetime.

Other suspects have been charged with fewer crimes, including helping attackers provide weapons and cars. Six people were tried in absentia.

Of the defendants, 19 were found guilty in all respects and one (Farid Kharkhach) was convicted of less than he initially faced. Apart from Abdeslam, 13 other defendants in court were sentenced to two to thirty years in prison for their crimes.

Abdeslam did not seem to respond to his decision. Kharkhach, who received the lightest verdict, cried when he heard his verdict. The

verdict, which began on September 8, 2021, is the culmination of a long trial involving more than 330 lawyers and approximately 1,800 Citizens' Party, the French Ministry of Justice said. The procedure was carried out in a dedicated court in the Palais de Justice in the center of Paris.

The trial heard testimony from first responders explaining the horrors they witnessed in theBataclanconcert halls and bars and restaurants in the city. The survivors talked about the despair of trying to hide from the terrorists, and the murdered family remembered that anxiety turned into sadness when they learned of the death of their loved one.
Abdeslam, arrested in 2016, spoke publicly for the first time early in the trial,rebelliously proclaiming himself an "Islamic state soldier," in his words. The threat.
Abdeslam later apologized to the victims, who claimed thatdid not kill anyone.

He said he chose not to explode the best of the explosives and urged the court not to make a harsh judgment on the final day of the trial of the case. He is not a murderer and I am not a murderer. "

Many survivors and families of the deceased want to continue their lives after a long proceeding.

Life for Paris, the main organization for survivors and victims' families, began to collapse on Tuesday and eventually on November 13, 2025, the 10th anniversary of the attack. Announced that it will be closed.

"(Dissolution) is also our own free will, far from public attention, and a return to some sort of normal state," the group said in a statement.