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Paris Fashion Week: Men's clothing designers heat up for the Spring / Summer 2023 season

The warm climate of Paris was not comparable to the enthusiasm of fashion editors, celebrities and influencers who bravely faced the threat of strong midday sun and rain. Many shows were held outdoors.

After spending a few seasons on the digital runway in the Covid-19 outbreak, some designers got their name from Issey Miyake's acrobatic performance at the Omprice. We challenged to push the boundaries of physical presentations until childhood reenactment. Diormen's house and garden.

Rick Owens returned to Palais de Tokyo's usual hangout and gave a presentation on the runway separated by three giant globes. These globes burned, were airlifted, and then dramatically fell into the building's fountain pool as the model roamed around. It was Instagram Gold. At the

KidSuper show, designer Colm Dillane held a live auction of paintings that influenced his collection, raising over $ 500,000 for a foundation to support young artists. "I wanted people to interact and experience it. I always wanted to do an art show as a fashion show. People were able to participate in the auction," Delain said. Spoke to CNN style.

Along with the collection's painterly motifs were accessories like gloves dipped in paint and brief cases filled with markers.

In addition to the painting motifs in the collection, there were accessories such as gloves soaked in paint and a short case filled with markers.Credits: Peter White / Getty

Models walked in front of a live auction titled "Superby's" for the KidSuper show.

The model is from a live auction titled "Superby's" I walked ahead "for the Kid Super show.Credits: Victor VIRGILE / Gamma-Rapho / Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Pictured at the Celine front row was British actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster (left), Lisa Manobal of K-pop band Blackpink and musician Kevin Parker (right).

In the photo, the front row of Celine is British actor Thomas Brody Sungster (left), K-POP band Black Pink Lisa Manobar, and musician Kevin Parker (right). It was.Credits: Celine

Many brands have returned to Paris this season. The city's Spring / Summer 2023 show is spectator. Ended with the long-awaited return of Celine by Eddie Sriman, both a runway and an outdoor spectacle that was eager to catch a glimpse of the famous participants. Korean megastar, Blackpink Lisa, bulletproof boy. Team Kim Tae-hyun (also known as V) and actor Park Bogom sat in the front row alongside Eddie Redmain, Jessica Beer, Justin Timberlake and David Beckham. Caused a turmoil that even LVMH's Bernard Arnaud remained in awe.

Alongside Celine, Comde Garson Homme Plus was social at Tokyo headquarters during Covid. He performed a distant show and returned to town as well as Junya Watanabe, Tom Brown, Ludo and Mowarola.

There were also some debuts to conclude the week. Givancy was the first stand-alone. With a men's show and couture-like craftsmanship to enhance wardrobe classics such as Jiban, Parker and Cargo Pants, LA-based brand Amiri has brought California to Jardin Deplant in a cool way {48. }

Read below for more highlights of Paris Fashion Week.

Virgil Abloh's tribute to Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh's spirit was strong in Louis Vuitton. In the first collection of brands designed without Abro, who led the prestigious French house to2021 until his premature death, the menswear team pays homage to the late designer and his legacy. Represented. Performed outside the Louvre, the set was a super-sized toy race track painted like Yellow Brick Road. This is in favor of the late designer's debut on a label inspired by The Wizard of Oz.

This collection was also a tribute to Abro's childhood imagination, which was not polluted by society. Paper plane and floral motifs commonly found in Abro's collection were embroidered on tailored suits and coats, and paper-folded hats were rethought in white leather.

Paper planes were fastened onto suits in the latest Louis Vuitton collection.

The paper plane was secured to a suit from the latest Louis Vuitton collection.Credits: Louis Vuitton

Another runway stand-out were the enormous backpack-turned-speaker creations.

Another outstanding runway is a huge backpack It changed from to a speaker. the work.Credits: Louis Vuitton

A giant rainbow flag was paraded onto the stage at the Louis Vuitton finale.

A huge rainbow flag was paraded on the stage of Louis Vuitton Finale.Credits: Java-Fashion / Louis Vuitton

Memorable accessories include two oversized 3D printed backpacks reminiscent of giant speakers. His commitment to amplify underrated voices, including not only Abro's love of music and career, but also DJs, as well as young creatives of color.

Florida A&M Booked for the energetic performance of a college marching band, the show also included Kendrick Lamar's performance. Wearing an oversized gray suit and crown of thorns,Lamar sat in the front row and unveiled the track of his latest album,. The

show ended with a model finale procession with a huge rainbow flag in between. This is another reference to Abro's original debut show. Collective bow.

Moment of jewelery

From head to toe, this season's collection features whimsical statement jewelery. In Givenchy, Matthew Williams sent the model to the runway with a bold brand headband and a balaclava-like face mask. And, of course, given that the runway was covered with a thin layer of water, there were intricate, thick boots.

Fleeces and wooly hats were also en vogue, according to Dior.

According to Dior, fleece and wool hats were also in fashion. Credits: Yannis Vlamos / Dior

While Dior's collection included camera bags and hydroflasks fit for the outdoors.

Dior's collection includes camera bags and hydroflasks. Was included. Outdoors.Credits: Yannis Vlamos / Dior

The set design for Dior was all about quintessential countryside.

Dior's set design is all typical countryside It was about the zone.Credits: Adrien Dirand / Dior

Cheergrass sprouted from Loewe's sneakers-not to mention occasional hoodies and coats. Kim Jones' Diormen collection also featured a lot of greenery as the model walked down the grass runway. Many models wore a crossbody camera bag with a strap to hold the water bottle.

This season's hat game was particularly strong. In Kenzo's sophomore collection, Japanese designer Nigo finished several looks with hats, berets, bowler hats and other hats made in collaboration with the Viennese company Mühlbauer. Bucket hats have been seen in various iterations. Smooth leather in pastel and neutral colors for Hermès and colorful crochet versions for the French streetwear brand Pigalle.

Carefully cultivated grass sprung from trainers, jeans and overcoats.

Carefully cultivated grass from trainers, jeans and overcoats.Credits: Molly Lowe

Loewe's chia seed creations were one of the most memorable moments of fashion week.

Loewe's Chia Seeds work is the most impressive of fashion. The week that was one of the moments.Credits: Daniele Oberrauch, Gorunway. com

Y/Project's golden pair of hands flipping the bird brought new meaning to the term "statement jewellery."

Y / Project's golden hands give birds a new meaning to the term "statement jewelery" rice field.Credits: Y / Project

Y / Project earrings were also seen throughout the week, including the giant middle finger earrings from Y / Project.

Increased sensuality

Warm weather aside,, many obvious in Paris this season Appearance raised the temperature.

With leather and thin viscose, Rick Owens' skin-tight tops provided a sensual and tactile sensibility. The brand has taken a more aggressive approach by offering the best tops. It covered everything from oversized tulle repeats with bare nipple necklines to harness-like garments that barely covered the collarbone.

And where models were more clothed, deep v-necks and cut-outs meant nakedness was never far off.

And where the model is more dressed, the deep V-neck and cutout mean that nakedness is never far away. Did.Credits: Peter White / Getty Images

Scantily-clad bare chests were seen at Rick Owens menswear.

Rick Owens slightly covered bare breasts Was seen in menswear.Credits: Estrop / Getty Images

LGN Louis-Gabriel Nouchi's collection is inspired by the classic novel "Dangerous Liaisons" with a variety of outfits. I investigated the state of taking it off. The vest top is highly trimmed and paired with Trefit shorts. The triangular briefs featured slashes throughout the hips, and the T-shirt was rethought as a shrug and bare chest. It wasn't the only thing. Content creator Jordan Firstman, who made his debut at Paris Fashion Week, walked in a fabric that strategically covered humility, leaving only the black robe open, as the most extreme example of nakedness and body confidence. .. On the runway this season.

At Thom Browne, peak-a-boo G-strings were switched out for exposed jock straps.

Thom Browne has switched the peak aboo G-string on the exposed jockstrap.Credits: Dan Lecca / Thom Browne

And torsos were the most powerful accessory.

And the torso was the most powerful accessory.Credits: Dan Lecca / Thom Browne

Models at the Louis-Gabriel Nouchi were dressed in what looked like male lingerie.

Louis-Gabriel Nouchi's model is dressed What looked like a man's lingerie.Credits: Stephane Cardinale

Elsewhere, the bare bottom bounced off designer Tom Brown's runway. It's no stranger to change a man into a dress, but this season Brown reduced his signature pleated skirt to a micromini and threw it low so that his model's jockstrap was almost completely visible. Pants and shorts with couture tweed straps were pulled very low and similarly exposed, highlighted in combination with a triangular bikini top and a cropped blazer sitting on the hips.

"I added a very young and sportswear sensibility to the collection," Brown told CNN about the jockstrap. "It was a really high level of tailoring and fabric, so we were able to get a really more youthful balance."

Model and codpiece Florian Des Briendas (Brown runway regular) tweed The show ended in a great way with Madonna's "Don't Tell Me" dressed as a hat, boots and a trimmed cowboy. Engraved codpiece decorated with jacket, fringed chaps and anchor Prince Albert earrings.

Aude to the Exercise

On an outdoor running track on the outskirts of Paris, Marine Serre dedicated the Spring / Summer 2023 collection to athletes. We. "I used to play sports when I was a kid, and it's always part of my collection, but I've never seen it from the front," Sele told CNN. The collection included a swimsuit with large notches to accentuate the waist and hips, and a terry robe worn over boxing shorts. Sele's distinctive crescent and baroque motifs are printed on body-fitting unitards, bra tops, running shorts, bucket hats and beach towels layered over fitted long-sleeved shirts, wrapped around the chest and thrown. I did.

Performers from a French dance company demonstrated the athletic quality to Issey Miyake's new collection.

A performer from a French dance company has demonstrated the quality of the movement in Issey Miyake's new collection.Credits: Ville Le Chesnay-Rocquencourt / Issey Miyake

A vibrant, zesty color palette was also on show at Issey Miyake.

A vibrant and spicy color palette Is also on display at Issey Miyake.Credits: Olivier Baco / Issey Miyake

And movement was a key part of the presentation.

And movement was an important part of the presentation. ..Credits: Issey Miyake

At Pigalle, a literally three-hour basketball game is played in the neighborhood where the name came from, with Chaillot being the homme lissey Miyake. -Working with Theater National de la Danse dancers, models and acrobats to approach a more theatrical movement. The performers wore fluid culottes, vest tops and sweatshirts as they scaled the walls and stacked them on each other's shoulders in a sublime showcase of acrobatic prowess.

Catwalk Cameo

Cara Delevingne was another famous face on Ami's runway.

Cara Delevingne is Ami's It was another famous face on the runway.Credits: Ami

Audrey Tautou, the French actress, walked in the Ami show wearing a classic Parisian trench coat.

French actress Audrey Tautou is a classic Parisian trench coat.Credits: Imaxtree / AMI

A striking red leather look closed the show.

The striking red leather look concludes the show. rice field.Credits: Nicolas Sisto / AMI

2001 comedy "Amélie," Return to her character's footsteps with Sacre Coeur, white cigarette jeans and tan Alexandre Mattiussi's Ami show, wearing a button-down shirt and ankle-grabbing trench, was held.

Tautou shared the runway with models such as Karen Elson, Precious Lee and Cara Delevingne. Veteran Supermodel Kristen McMenami concludes the show with Naomi Campbell and Carla Bruni sitting in the front row and cheering, dressed up in red leather from head to toe.

Singer, supermodel and daughter of Madonna, Lourdes Leon, was a familiar face at the Marine Serre show.

Madonna's supermodel and daughter, Lourdes Leon, was a familiar face at the Marine Serre show.Credits: Julien de Rosa / AFP / Getty Images

These women have undoubtedly brought star power to Ami's runway. The definition of fashion gender continues to be ambiguous, June 2020. London Fashion Week has announced that it will integrate both menswear and womenswear showsinto one gender-neutral event. Paris has not yet declared an equivalent, but this season Several designers, including Ludo, Pigalle, Kenzo, Y / Project, Tom Brown, have unveiled a collection featuring models of all genders.

At the marine sale, Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon, France It was another kind of star power with famous names in the fields of music, sports and culture, such as soccer player Jibril Sise, musician Cebudaliza, Joey Star, Giorja, etc. Smith.