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Parkland shooting trial: Nicholas Cruz's jailed sister to testify Monday

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Florida school shooter Nicholas Cruz's incarcerated sister is punished for the murder of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School more than four years ago. I plan to testify on Wednesday when the trial resumes.

On August 15, an order was filed to transfer his half-sister, Daniel Woodard, 35, from his Knight Correctional Center to the Broward County Circuit Court in Miami. rice field.

According to a police report regarding her Jan. 6, 2020 incident obtained by , Woodard, who has a lengthy rap sheet, is currently outside of Goodwill, Miami. is awaiting trial for allegedly carjacking a 72-year-old woman. Miami He Herald.

Woodard is said to have jumped into his driver's seat when victims delivered donations. 

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A photo combination of Nikolas Cruz and his half-sister Danielle Woodard, who is scheduled to testify on his behalf Monday.

A combination of photographs of Nicholas Cruz and his half-sister Daniel Woodard. instead of Monday. (Corrected by Amy Bass/Miami-Dade County via Associated Press)

An older woman climbed into the passenger side and tried to stop her, saying that her The car and the injured, according to police who were thrown out of the car. Woodard hit the car.

Woodard's attorneys, in court filings, said they disagreed with the client's decision to testify on Cruz's behalf and sought to withdraw from her carjacking case.

Cruz, 23, was charged with first-degree murder of for the murder of 14 teenagers and three staff members on February 14, 2018. He pleaded guilty in October to 17 counts. The deadliest school shooting in American history. 

Nikolas Cruz’s biological mother Brenda Woodard [left] and his half-sister Danielle Woodard [right] have lengthy criminal histories.

Brenda Woodard, mother of Nicholas Cruz [Left] and his half-sister Daniel Woodard [Right] have long criminal histories.(Florida Department of Corrections/Florida Department of Corrections via AP)

The shooter's trial will determine whether he will be sentenced to death or life imprisonment without parole. dismissed the lawsuit. The court then gave him a week's rest, followed by a week of hearings. The jury will be back on Monday when it is the defense's turn to present its arguments.

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Woodard cycled in and out of court records, she spent most of her life in prison. 

Cruz and his half-sister share his Woodard with his birth mother Brenda who put him up for adoption as a baby. 

According to court documents, Brenda Woodard allegedly used alcohol and crack her cocaine during her pregnancy. The defense alleges he suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome, which affected brain development.

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Like her daughter, Brenda Woodard allegedly had a lengthy rap sheet involving 28 arrests. Records show.She died of cancer last year, according to the Daily Mail.

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