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Parts of England officially enter drought after months of scant rainfall

London (CNN)Much of England has officially entered drought, officials said on Friday Announced. Months of low rainfall and constant waves of extreme heat.

Counties across the UK, including counties as far north as the traditionally wet Scottish counties, have experienced worsening drought conditions in recent weeks, but England has been hit hardest. is receiving

The National Drought Group convened on Friday to make the announcement as the fourth heat wave since June hit England in the driest July since 1935. UK Met Office. The UK has experienced below-average rainfall most months since early 2021.

Several rivers across England have partially dried up, including the Thames in London. Authorities are supplying oxygen to rivers and rescuing fish where levels are low. The water level in the reservoir is also dropping rapidly.

A drought declaration means that water companies and governments can implement drought plans without seeking ministerial approval. Businesses will almost certainly impose more bans on hose pipes, which are already in place for millions of people who have to water their gardens and wash their cars without hoses.

Companies are extracting more water from rivers and other sources to ensure supply. can also do.

Friday's announcement put the declared region under a yellow drought warning, with several indicators such as rainfall, river levels and flows, reservoir storage and groundwater levels very low. means that

Amber alerts are one step below the more severe red alerts, with stress on water supplies, reduced agricultural and crop yields, local wildfires, wildlife and It means that impacts on that habitat are likely to occur.According to a report from the country's Environment Agency, which convened the National Drought Group .
The London Fire Brigade has described "dry crater" conditions and "exceptional fires" conditions across the capital this week as temperatures are expected to reach 36 degrees Celsius (97 degrees Fahrenheit) on Saturday. "It's a serious fire hazard," he warned -- from lawns to public parks and heaths, without regular rainfall, it's completely dry and brown. Parts of the capital , including homes and parks, caught fire on July 19 during a record heatwave.

More than 60% of land across the European Union and the UK is under drought warnings or alerts issued by the European Drought Monitor, meaning insufficient soil moisture. In more severe cases, vegetation is also stressed. A fourth heat wave has also hit much of Western Europe, with months of dry spells in a row.