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Passengers allegedly accused Ambien of molesting children and women during the flight

According to court documents on Friday, a Californian man groped for a child during a flight from San Francisco to Florida and attacked the sleep aid Ambien. Have been blamed.

Bryan Patrick Darning was arrested at Orlando International Airport after piercing the girl with her finger and trying to grab the chest of a female passenger trying to intervene, the Daily Beast reported.

According to court documents, a 51-year-old man, Delta Air Lines, was sitting in the aisle next to a girl between the ages of 12 and 16. Her mother was sitting elsewhere due to reservation issues.

After the plane took off, Darning ordered an alcoholic drink and began to sneeze and cough the girl, the newspaper said.

It is said that he then began to touch her hair and her neck before attempting to put her arms around her, causing her to lean forward.

In Altadena, California,touched her left thigh and moved towards him, calling her "Honey Boo".

Travelers line up to go through a TSA checkpoint at Orlando International Airport before the Memorial Day weekend Friday, May 28, 2021, in Orlando, Fla.
AP / John Raoux

Then he broke into her clothes, documented Claims.

The girl "frozen as a result of Darning's actions," her dissertation states.

At some point, court documents said a woman sitting next to the pair woke up from a nap and saw Darning immediately release her hand from her crotch.

The worried woman asked if she touched the girl, and she said she did, the document said.

Passengers later told federal agents that the young victim was "shaking and crying" and the woman changed seats with her child to keep her away from Darning.

According to the complaint, after the woman told the girl not to talk, Darning tried to touch her breasts.

The document states that the passenger eventually came to the victim's mother's attention and checked her daughter and confronted Darning, who had thawed her pants.

The flight attendants finally placed Darning in another seat until the plane landed. The newspaper said the suspect met the agent after landing and said thatpopped Ambienbefore he got on.

"Darning said he fell asleep," court documents said. "The next thing he remembers was that he was asked to wake up and change seats."

He is now abusive sexual with children. He has been charged with contact and committing a crime while on a plane.

Durning was released awaiting trial and surrendered his passport, the court said.