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Pentagon announces $1 billion aid to Ukraine

The Pentagon has $ 1 billion in security against Ukraine, the single largest package of weapons and equipment from its inventory since Russia's February invasion. Announced security support.

The latest support package includes ammunition for the High Mobility Cannonball Rocket System (HIMARS), 1,000 Javelin anti-tank missiles, ammunition, and 50 armored medical vehicles. Monday. When asked why the

HIMARS ammunition was included without an additional system, Karl said that the 16 HIMARS already sent by the Biden administration were "quite pretty" regarding the Pentagon assessment of the needs of the Ukrainian Defense Forces. There are many, "he told reporters.

"In our assessment, Ukrainians are actually quite successful in terms of the number of systems. The actual priority is to ensure a stable flow of these GMLRS." He mentioned. For Lockheed Martin precision ammunition launched from both the HIMARS and MLRSM270 family launchers provided to Ukraine by the British Army.

The new package also includes claymore antipersonnel mines and ammunition for the National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems, the same system used to protect Washington, D.C.

Latest Arms Delivery The total amount of U.S. security assistance from the Ministry of Defense is $ 9.8 billion since President Joe Biden took office last year, and Russia illegally merged Crimea in 2014. Will be $ 11.8 billion.

Karl said Russia suffered great losses Since the Ukrainian invasion began in February, Ukrainians have eliminated 3,000-4,000 Russian armored vehicles and 70,000-80,000 Russian troops. It is estimated to have caused casualties.

Monday's package announcement marks the 18th drawdown of Ukrainian weapons and equipment from Pentagon inventory. Pentagon officials claim that the stockpile deduction does not compromise US military readiness.