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People Think I'm Too Hot To Be Asexual - But They're Wrong

Surprise. Some of TikTok and Instagram's sexiest tastemakers don't really like sex very much.

Generation Z social media influencersare increasingly identifying themselves as asexual, so getting hot is not about attracting perfect companions. Well, it's about hot things.

"My sex appeal has nothing to do with being attracted to [or attracting] others," Jaiye Pierre, a Manhattan beauty influencer in her twenties, told The Post.

With a TikTok fan base of over 82,700 followers, the Big Apple bomb is asexual or "ace", with little or no sexual appeal or physical intimacy with others. Identified as an uninterested person. 

Pierre is not so unusual in her fellow group.

Pierre, a beauty influencer, is often questioned about her asexuality, owing to her alluring shape and form-fitting wardrobe.
Courtesy of Jaiye Pierre

Despite the relatively mainstream ambiguity, "A" Putting asexual LBGTQIA + is widespread on social media. In TikTok alone, the hashtags #Asexual and #AsexualPride have accumulated over 1.6 billion and 86.5 million virtual stamps, respectively.

For actor and online influential English Rose Amie Butler, sex has always felt like a chore. She didn't want to sleep with him, even when she landed her dream boyfriend at the age of 23. Or someone else.

"It was a big thing for me to notice this. For a long time I didn't want to accept it," Butler, now 25 years old from England, told Post. "So I asked Google,'Why don't I want to have sex?' It led me to asexuality. Before that, I thought I had something wrong.

With over 18,000 followers on TikTok, this energetic brunette has recently become viral and has recorded over 763,000 views in a video explaining the direction of her asexuality. .. Butler identifies it as both demisexual, or demisexual, and gray sexual. Being a Demi Ace means that you will not experience sexual attraction to others until an emotional bond is formed. Gray is not completely against romantic interactions.

Social media critics often tell Butler that she's "so pretty," and shouldn't consider herself an asexual.
Provided by: Amie Butler

"The big misconception is that asexuals have no sex , Or low libido, "Butler said. "Ace people can have high lust."

She sometimes says that commentators haven't found the right person for her yet, or reassures her that she's clean. I said it would be. Butler has recently disguised the most ridiculous reaction of TikTok's post, which has received an astonishing 7.8 million views.

But she said they were all wrong. Asexuality is not necessarily about the complete lack oflibidoor the inability to feel excitement. For her, it's a matter of degree. She has a diminished sense of sexual attraction to others and is indifferent to sexual physical activity. Still, it does not affect her desire to feel good about herself when she looks in her mirror.

"I'm not always cute and sexy to others. 99% of the time it's not to anyone other than me," she said.

A stand-up comedy Leorah Wood, who lives in Flatbush, uses her humor as a weapon against trolls who doubt her asexuality. In particular, I want to be Romeo on dating apps like Tinder and Hinge. 

Wood uses the inappropriate and rude comments that she gets from potential dating app suitors as comedy material for her standup routines.
Captured with the kindness of Leorah Wood

"[To my asexuality The response will be executed Gambit, but I received a message such as "I haven't seen you yet, so I'll fix it," said Wood, 23, who has previously disclosed her sexual identity. ..

"When I come across such people, I usually say," Really. You think you are very good. So good that you intend to [change my sexual identity]. "She laughed. 

"I don't care when a man comes to me. It's just the fuel for my comedy routine," she added.

From an early age, Wood from Beverly, Massachusetts was identified as straight. But unlike other girls in her early teens, she never fell in love with a boy band member or a cute guy passing by.

But in the fall of 2019, when she was in her second year as a drama student at NYU Tisch, she was relieved to discover her sexuality terminology. 

And now, as a professional joke star with thousands of followers on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, Wood weaves stupid asexual anecdotes into her online skits and live shows. is.   

"I love attention," she told the post, pigeoning all ace as shy, discreet, or unable to enjoy the spotlight. I ridiculed the possibly injured. "For me, I just know that I look good and I am confident in my ability to make myself and people smile."

Benoit uses her massive Instagram following to educate detractors about asexuality and its many branches.

British lingerie model Yasmin Benoit, 26, wants to take advantage of the attention she has gained in her sexy photo. Shooting is to make the world a safer and easier place for asexual people like myself.

"I'm trying to use myself as an example of community diversity. Asexuality has nothing to do with appearance and not all of us look the same," she said. I told the post.

Benoit she says she never wanted to kiss another person, and she identifies her as an ace of aromanticism. That is, she has not experienced her desire for a romantic relationship.

She recently launched the first asexual rights initiative in partnership with Stonewall, Europe's largest LBGTQIA + organization. She is currently drafting a protection law and will submit it to the government in the coming months.

"After all, we are ordinary people who happen to experience sexuality differently," she said.