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Pete Aledondo resigns from the Yuvarde city council after a failed reaction to the school's shootings

(CNN)Pedro "Pete" Aledondo, Chief of the Yuvarde School District Police, slaughtered at Rob Elementary School inMayAccording to the resignation he sent to the city.

"After careful consideration, it is in the best interests of the community to resign as a member of the City Council of District 3 to minimize further distractions," Arredondo said. It is stated in the letter. "Mayors, city councils and city officials must continue to move forward to reunite our community."

Yuvarde city officials confirmed that they received their resignation on Saturday. .. Uvalde Leader-News first reportedabout his resignation.
The role of Aledondo in the police response to the May 24 shooting (a shooter entered an adjacent classroom and killed 19 children and two teachers) wasTexas Department. Has received intense public opinion oversight and criticism from. Public SecurityThis is partly because it took more than an hour for the police to enter the classroom and kill the shooter.
Arredondo left his position as School District Police Chiefby the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District last week.

Aledondo's resignation from the city council is "right", the city said in a previous news release on Saturday in response to a leader news report, but before receiving the resignation of the chief. letter.

Aledondo was elected to the Yuvarde City Council on May 7, a few weeks before the slaughter. He swore to council status ata week later.

CNN asked Arredondo's lawyer for comment on Saturday.

In his letter, Aledondo said, "We continue to mourn the tragedy that occurred on May 24 and pray for the affected families and the community as a whole."

"Yuvarde has a rich history of loving and supporting your neighbors and we must continue to do so when talking to other communities that have experienced similar tragedy. The guidance is the same-to continue to support the family, to continue to support our community, and above all, to keep our faith strong, "he wrote.

"When you think about my life from childhood to adulthood, Uvalde has hosted an incredibly unique attraction, with community members at the heart of it. . Keep Uvalde strong. "

Police response was a "serious failure," Texas Public Safety Director said

Uvalde Integrated Independent School District Police Chief Arredondo since March 2020. Said, was identified by state authorities as a field commander during filming.

Several law enforcement officers arrived at the school within minutes, but according to the Texas Public Safety Department'stimeline, until the shooter finally invaded and killed. Allowed me to stay in the classroom for 77 minutes.(DPS), which leads the incident review. The long delay contradicts the protocol widely taught for active shooter situations, even when police demand immediate arrest of the threat and internal children repeatedly call 911 for help. Did.
At ahearing in the Texas Senate last week, DPS Director Colonel Stephen McLaugh called the police response a "serious failure" and held Aledondo the sole responsibility. I let you.

"Three minutes after the subject entered the western building, enough armed police officers wore bulletproof vests to isolate, distract, and incapacitate the subject," McLough said. Said. "It was only the on-site commander who prevented the full-time officer's corridor from entering rooms 111 and 112. The commander decided to prioritize the officer's life over the children's."

Other officials have questioned McLaugh's motives for blaming Aledondo, given that dozens of law enforcement officers from various departments responded to the scene. Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin said McLaugh continues to lie, divulge, mislead and misunderstand information to keep his soldiers and the (Texas) Rangers away from the reaction. ".
Arredondo, who has worked for law enforcement for nearly 30 years, didn't talk to the general public about the decision of the day, buttold Texas Tribune in an interview: Told to. He did not consider himself a commander in the field.

However, according to the DPS timeline, at least one of the responding officers was Arredondo leading the law enforcement response in the school, and others were "in charge of the chief." I have expressed my belief that I have said.

Aledondo also told the Texas Tribune that he did not instruct officers to refrain from violating the classroom.

After the DPS timeline was announced and details about law enforcement actions were revealed, Uvalde CISD director Hal Harrell took Arredondo on vacation from the school police chief on June 22. I put it.

"We have decided to put Prime Minister Aledondo on administrative leave on this day because there are still unclear points and we do not know when to receive the findings," Harrell wrote in a statement. ..

For Aledondo's short time in the city council, he had not yet attended the public meeting. Members of the council unanimously resolved to refuse leavefrom his future sessions, leaving the possibility that he would have been dismissed if he continued to be absent from the meeting. I did.