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Pete Hegses about "Faulkner Focus": Left wants the way, no matter how the system works

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Pete Hegses, the host of Fox&Friends Weekend, has accused Democratic protesters of vandalism and violence following the Supreme Court's decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade case. The system works. While appearing in "Faulkner Focus" on Monday, Hegses also called this decision an "absolute verification" of the Constitution.

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Pete Hegses:Poll Draft Leakand Supreme Court Given what happened with the judge, you should expect [violence] itself. Mob violence and its threats are the tactics used by the modern left. It's not necessarily new to this day, but they want their way regardless of how our system works. This ruling was an absolute test of the constitutional republic. They are always yelling about democracy. It is always the word "democracy" on the left. They use it as a cover word for everything. But the irony of this decision, as you pointed out, is that most of theseriots and protestsare on demand. Abortion will continue. It is legal in those states. This decision only returns to national and state representatives the decision to make the decision themselves, as opposed to the nine non-elected judges who decide the law of the land.

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